Suggestions for stepping into 400's

Level 375 (Vanguard), E2P and toggle back and forth between what is holding up my advancement.

  • After breeding, I need to level up my base
  • After fortification, I need the next tier of dragon.

I will hit L400 in next week’s fortification. My question is will the above cadence change after 400? Should I start using my rider and zeppelins to get timers? or stick with egg tokens? Will I be waiting on 2-3 fortification to advance, so research eggs come back into play?

Looking for thoughts, hints and tips. Thanks.

Personally I found that it all comes down to egg tokens as I could always build my base but not always breed dragons.

My biggest suggestion is to make sure you are on a good team as event prizes and by default seasonal prizes a make so much difference especially with the ability to get gold chests and timers for lines. Also, they don’t seem like much but 1H timers for Atlas prizes add up quickly.

Your in a good spot as next 2 seasons have fort in week 2 and then week 1 so can open chests then for 50% lines and building supplies.

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If you’re toggling back and forth between dragon tiers and levels holding up your advancement then you’re doing it right - that way you’re waiting for 2 weeks to advance instead of 6.

It really depends on what branches you’re going for this season - for example, if you go for the new dragon or the tower branch, you’re going to end up with a bunch of timers, while if you go for the festive dragon with the draconic chests, you’ll find yourself with excess egg tokens.

For me personally I just broke through the 400 mark last fort and am finding myself really short on timers rather than egg tokens for the first time in a long while. But that is probably because I maxed out draconic chests last season and skipped the tower branch. I made the switch for my zeppelin missions to timers and will see how that plays out.


For me it’s been mostly the other way around. I would have eggs I could not hatch because my level was too low to upgrade the incubator.

Around 400-450 there’s an area where egg tokens aren’t very blocking, because vanguard and empyrean hut eggs last for a very long time. After that you hit abyssal and it’s massive cost jump and suddenly tokens become tight again.

Which missions are best to run depends a lot on your personal situation. If you always find yourself with plenty of tokens and still have a few 100k left after breeding, for sure get timers. If you find yourself builder hut capped a lot, probably stick with tokens.


I was in the same situation, I kept the zeppelin on egg tokens for a bit and then switched to timers around 440 if I remember correctly. I focused on timers and just recently switched back to egg tokens in verdant tier.

It basically just depends on what you need though, timers do become more important for leveling since it starts to take a lot more tower levels to go up just a few player levels and the towers don’t keep increasing the xp they provide.


I would never suggest to turn the zeppelins into timers, since there are bunch of them in the seasonal branches - tower branches, 2nd wave dragon, base boost etc.

As already mentioned, good team, saved chests, planning for the need branches. I guess you know those already, so to keep going in the same way will be alright i believe

Edit : draconics tough… maximizing the number of those is the most important thing nowadays


For me right now it’s the opposite. My towers are pretty low level but I’m continuously pushing my level so I can keep going on red’s guide. Im thinking of opening my gold chest next week in hopes of timers. Should I do this next week or this week?

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Most people would advise this week, but both have pros

  • This week: You get good timers, IFs and Energy packs, and not a lot of rubbish
  • Next week: You get slightly better timers (15% more), and you get elemental embers. Also get a lot of trash, but it’s the only event with embers in golds.

Personally I would always do eggs on the Zeppelin.

And then after you do both discounts in week 1 save up for the tower line and focus on that.

Getting 1hr clocks from atlas events and 12hr clocks in atlas lines also add up

This should give you the best of both worlds.

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