hello I come to you to know how to strategically win a war … our guild is in Platinum 4 and an opposing guild declares us all the time the war, except that we can not compete … our guild has levels 90 on average and theirs 250, we can not have more than 150 flames … . how to do…? apart from declaring another war to compensate for the loss of points … thank you for your answers :blush:
we know that it’s the game to be attacked but when it’s always the same, it gets boring … thanks for yours suggestions or help :hugs:

Hmmm. Practice effective leads and follow, or bring in a merc? Just don’t let that Shadow guy hear about it. Good luck.

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You can’t win every war. So yes, if you need to maintain your rank, declare another one to offset the loss. You’ll be rid of them in a week.

we should go platinum 3, I hope not to find them in the same league :joy::joy::joy:

If you are moving to Plat 3 and they are beating you there is a good chance they are moving up also.

And moving up into Plat 3 or Plat 2 you are only going to find teams with lots of members 150-300!
Maybe stop moving up until your team grows more…

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Hmmmm…if they all get panned…you can win

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I say part of game. The opposing team wont be there anymore for long no worries.

You volunteering Rag?

Lol wouldn’t mind mercing in some free time.

If platinum 4 is becoming too difficult then maybe upwards isn’t the direction you should consider moving? Is it just this one team or is it the majority of the teams in the league who seem to have you outnumbered?

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You could always talk to other leaders in the same lobby with you. Get everyone to declare war on them and lose on purpose so they get promoted up!

Have you tried talking to the leader/officers of the team declaring against you? Maybe request a break or something?
Counter wars are the best option.
I tend to use wars that are out of our scope of attack as practice for my players. Let them work together to take out the strong bases.

hello, we have no other worries with the other guilds opponents, just a guild … this guild has players between level 100 mini and 400 max … after discussing, a little with them, they merged with a other guilds and their goals is to go up in platinum 1 minimum … they went from platinum 4 to platinum 2 directly, plus a few hours and we should not find them again ^^

My team decided to grow stronger before we start moving higher through leagues. A lot of our members are 70s-90s and we are planning to stay in Gold II till the moment we are able to beat everyone in our league. The reason they’re attacking you so much is probably because they want to move to the higher league. I don’t think you’re the only ones whom they declared war. Plus your leader can always pm them and ask about what’s going on

Yeah, if you can’t get 250 flames on them, best bet is to just let them work their way out of your league. They’ll be gone soon enough.

And keep in mind, it’s not personal. They have their goals, and your team is a means to an end; as you go higher, this will happen.

And yes, I’m speaking from experience. :slight_smile:

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