Suggestions : Locating Regions, journey planner and route saver


Hi all.

With the increase of teams and therefore regions into atlas it is becoming harder to find areas on the map and how to get there. I have a few suggestions to put forward.

  1. As a suggestion can we have a search function to help locate regions and to find teams on the map. It would also be good to when viewing a portal that you can tap on the name to take you to that location, or to the search screen.

  2. Can we have a travel planning tool that will allow me to pick a primark and then enter a path to an island, using the move to next option. Once the journal is set you can then see a graphical overview that will also show time to get there, possible blockades etc.

  3. Using number 2 idea you could then have a storage area of travel routes that you can save personally or for the team. This would allow everyone to share attack routes, location of portals and then a means to put a description. That would save a lot of time trying to explain routes to team members.

Let me know your thoughts,


  1. We’re adding the ability to tap to go look at the portal’s destination without actually going through the portal. As for finding things, that’s a good idea. We had talking about putting a coordinate system in, but search is a nice idea too. We want to add deeplinking to places in the world by name, which has other benefits and is almost as good as having search … that’s out of scope for next month’s release, but definitely something that’s pretty important in my mind (also a big project).

  2. There’s a lot of devil in the details here. Others have asked for a way to do this sort of thing to guide a whole team to a location.

  3. Maybe we can have a team favorites list of sorts?


Thanks for replying and looking at the idea. I like the idea of favourites. Would be much better that you choose a location and this uses the route the creator set. Maybe record the route that’s taken if you can’t do the graphical overview. Be nice to tap a favourite called for example ‘war’ and then it auto routes there the way the route was planned


I have a suggestion for Atlas. With events like feeding and fortification, it is always near impossible to find rss during those events. So i was thinking maybe have islands in Atlas that randomly appear like poachers that hold food and/or lumber. It would give plahers a chance to actually collect rss during events AND it would force them to travel the map and possibly cause extra battles. These islands could be set up just like poachers where you need to destroy the invader base to collect. And if your team completely destroys the island, everyone that completed an attack gets a bonus…


I very much like this idea, would love to see it implemented.


I disagree with this. Poachers and mines are already boring enough to hit tons of Invader bases daily that need zero skill, we don’t need every resource in the game thrown at us just because we play Atlas, I personally would like to see more PvP.
The core game already has food packs that you can hoard, Atlas gave us continents with huge banks that we can fill up with food and wood for such events.
If the economy is dried out you can just attack a team’s continent, raid the players that guard it and steal whatever RSS is left in their banks.

If you want to add something teams fight over, put it into the NMLs and don’t have it spawn randomely because then teams will just wait until it spawns in their region.


But you still run into the problem of having people dump resources or having a protection on where you get nothing for your trouble. As far as the banks go, they only hold so much and you have 50 people asking for it. Another way would be just add food and lumber to the mine. It would just be a way to make sure you get rss. Its almost impossible to get food during a feeding event and lumber during a build event.


I’m generally not a fan of trying to “fix” an existing problem by creating a different feature to cure it. That just means you accept the bugs and problems and try to distract yourself.

If RSS amounts are not shown correctly due to RSS boosts, PG needs to fix it. If you create new features to cure it, chances are that those features will bring new bugs.

Also I didn’t say you have to share with 49 others, you could aswell share it between those who helped attacking. There are banks with far over 10mil food capacity, maybe it’s worth a shot. But just adding RSS to NPC enemies like mines or poachers just sounds like a boring grind fest to me which by the way would be exclusive to the teams that have Atlas access.


Ok i can see that. But at least youre grinding away and getting something instead of battling only to find out that you get nothing. As far as it being exclusive to atlas players, it gives teams incentive to move up to the higher leagues to get atlas access. With the release happening it wont be too awful long before everyone has it anyway.


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