Suggestions that get buried, but on the list!

Just a couple simple ones really and I am sure they have been mentioned before. I just feel it would be helpful to have this out in the open on a specfic post instead of buried in some other post.:

  1. Can you please work on a way to stack timers so you can build up to say 12 or 24 hour timers instead of having 25000 fifteen minute timers etc etc. Where is the team on that and is it even addressed?

  2. It has been mentioned before about having an “open all” feature chests box for bronze, gold and silver chests which would be highly beneficial. (It is in atlas, why not on events?) Where are we on that?

  3. I have hundreds of thousands of ice shards, fire shards, black pearls. I am not alone as far as this collection of useless currency goes. Where are you on currency exchanges? This would definetly add dynamic to the game for many many players who can then add much more exciting and useful towers and structures to their bases.

  4. I would really like to know who the gameplay faction is and why they were chosen. An explanation of this and the reasons behind it could benefit all sides and although cause drama at the start, it would show that PG is trying to reach all levels of players, not just - as rumours fuel - diamond league players who many feel only suggest changes that greatly increase their wants in the game. Can we revisit that or get much more updated information on this? I understand privacy -however - many many people feel feedback is only given to certain voices. As a gameplayer who also pays, I would like to know who represents me and my voice when it comes to this.

Thanks @PGGalileo and have a great day.

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I know several Gameplay (and Creators) Faction members in the main game that aren’t in Diamond. I’m actually in a team with a Creators Faction member… yes, I know you specifically said “Gameplay Faction”, just making a point.


The small denominations are actually good for you, rounding up robs you out of timers. If you have a 1d 19h build left for example and you use a 2d timer, you’re missing out on 5h - that quickly adds up

As for this, Galileo did answer that question on one of his streams before (Pylon & Zilch stream iirc) - I won’t delve into this, but I’ll debunk the ‘only diamond players are in GPF’ myth, it’s not true. It’s easy to tell who’s in GPF due to the forum icon, and it’s also easy to look up those players and realise that there are players across all kinds of leagues in GPF. :slight_smile:


Most people do not watch the streams. So this is not a solution nor answer to the question. As well, the streams are convoluted and things get missed or shuffled.

"The small denominations are actually good for you, rounding up robs you out of timers. If you have a 1d 19h build left for example and you use a 2d timer, "

Once again this is not a solution or answer it is your opinion. After clicking on 15 minute timers against lag to build so as not to use 12 hour timers - as most players do I am unsure if you are aware of that - it would be nice to have the option to determine what timers I feel are beneficial to my gameplay and determine how many timers I would like to have around and for what purpose.

Is there a single one that plays on a team without Atlas?

No that’s math. Like she said if you have 19hrs left and use 2 -12 hrs you have lose 6hrs of timers.

You can always choose the ‘auto select’ and it will choose for you. I haven’t really paid attention to it enough to know if you lose any time this way but my guess would be it’s down to minutes vs hours.


It is becoming clear that people misunderstand the question and instead of asking for clarity they jump to their solution based on what they think I mean.

I cannot offer a reason why people feel they need to do this, perhaps others can.

To clarify - and it has been mentioned before -
I would, as well as many others, would like the option to stack and build up my lower timers in the game to 12 hour or 24 hour timers. It would mean that I can choose to make 12 or 24 hour timers out of my existing timers.

I would like this option in game so as to not have to go through my 12 hour or 3 hour or other timers to finally get to spend those annoying 15 or 3 minute timers through the automated system. I would prefer for a function in game that allows me to stack and build up my 12 hour timers instead. This function would allow me to:

  1. Sort my timers so I do not have to sit and click against lag and time to spend, for example, 1000 15 minute timers so as to not use a larger timer to break down the total time needed.
  2. Create a much more sustainable fort plan based on 12/24/48 hour timers which would be used more wisely and offer more time actually as people would have more. People do not like to use all their larger timers to get to their stacks of little timers, especially since it is hard work to build up those timers.
  3. Ensure that I am not having to spend all my hard earned 12/24/48 hour timers to start making a dent in the lower level timers.

People like having their 12/24/48 hour timers; to have to us them up to start spending the annoying little ones is time consuming; it makes people not want to reach their full potential for game play as they dont want to spend them instead they hoard them; and because of lag and unconsistency between server and game, you can lose alot of those 15 minute tiners and not even know it especially if you have been clicking on them for a half hour to defeat a 36 day upgrade - for example (and people do this because they dont want to spend their larger timers).

And like I mentioned in my original question - I was asking where the team was on this. Meaning - is there any sort of direction, at all, towards this development.

Sorry :neutral_face: I just don’t understand the logic as to why. I don’t see it making anything easier. I just use auto select. One button. Done. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Please do say that black pearls are a useless currency or that they need to be lowered on drop rate. Not everyone has enough of them for their goals and there was a time where they were scarce and many would agree with me


Better than combining would be a use X amount of timers instead of endlessly clicking.

Instant breed has option to do X breeds, bring that to each timer.

Life’s much simpler if you just hit the button to automatically use the number of timers needed to finish upgrading the build, or finish incubating the dragon egg… I don’t know why you’d choose to do it manually which makes it much easier to make mistakes :woman_shrugging:t2:

And if you’re talking about speeding up something halfway, wouldn’t it just make more sense to leave it to upgrade on its own until you need to speed up the last little bit before Fort starts (like if you’re upgrading your storage hut).


I’ve used the game’s notifications as a timer before :man_shrugging:

I’m lost as to how something as factual as the situation I mentioned is merely ‘my opinion’… Most people I know simply use the auto selecting feature for speedups, I’m not sure why you would choose to manually click timers over the existing feature.

Edit: I read your second post - people understand what you mean. We’re trying to tell you why that suggestion isn’t a good idea for players, and is frankly a waste of development work imo.

I’m not sure why someone would want to ‘build up their hard earned 12/24/48 hr timers’… Timers are there to be used, you’re not going to hoard them forever. If you just stare at them, you won’t get any progress. And if you do use your small timers to just have the big ones, by the time you use the big ones, you will miss out on SO much ‘time’ because there aren’t smaller denominations to use. The entire post screams inefficiency to me, but each to their own I suppose. :woman_shrugging:t2:

As for the stream - yes, I’m well aware not everyone watches streams, which is why I specified which stream so you could refer back to it if you really want an answer in case you don’t get one here. Bonus: The part about factions is near the end of the stream.

I’m not sure what else you’d like me to do. I’m not going to type out word by word what Galileo said on that stream, and if you really want to know, watching that part of the stream is your best bet because it’s an answer coming right out of a PG employee.


Not sure - but Dae leads a gold plat pirate team.

Isn’t it in Plat?
And on another note, I don’t see why anyone would willingly choose to be on a non atlas team if they had one that fit their needs/wants,

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Oh, guess they moved up then - they were in gold when he joined GPF though

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no please - the risk of opening all at the wrong time (which for me would be any time) is to big. The suggestion that has been put out by several people to have an “Open 100” is much better in mho

This is still Atlas

Good teams still haven’t made the cut because the cut still exists. If every player doesn’t have Atlas then some will be without it. If a group of players are without it then who has a voice for them about game balance?

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The “open all chests” function would definitely be super convenient

In my opinion the timers stack up thing doesn’t seem like a good idea, cuz Imma be using all of mine every fort event

The currency exchange, like converting ice/fire shards and black pearls to other mats would also be nice, as I’m in the exact same situation (have a ton of all 3)

And I’m not native English speaker, so I don’t rlly understand what the 4th suggestion is talking about (struggle with long paragraphs), sorry

Nobody in their right mind should even consider this, just use the auto button.

Why would you plan based on that? Why not simply put in all your timers, the extra 10 seconds that takes can’t be too hard.

It would be nice if the inventory or speed-up screen had a counter showing the total number of hours/days/whatever you have, but it’s really not a lot of work to do that yourself if you’re making any kind of plan anyway.

Again, absolutely no advantage to doing this. It’s not like the small timers are taking up space in the attic. If you have 1k days of timers, there is absolutely no reason to care if it’s in 48 hour or in 1 minute chunks, except the bigger ones will hurt you through rounding.

I really hope not, because there are actual useful things they could be doing (and are doing) instead.