Suggestions to improve the game


  1. Please let us forge the new spells and resists. Maybe add one new one a month.
  2. Add the new spells and resists to the drops in our runs.
  3. Please add the new runes to the Silver chests.(you’re robbing the players making them pay for Runic chests)
  4. Please Add new runes to the prizes .
  5. Create a dust all button option when opening a 10 pack.of runes.
  6. Add one of the new spells to the prizes and or gold chests.
  7. Increase the amount of fire and ice shards needed to upgrade the turrets. Many of us players have 100k of each.
  8. Add new quests
  9. Add new portraits that are earned with accomplishments like the first 10
  10. Add new Team Medals.
    Thanks for reading.


Some of these ideas have already been discussed here in many thread in the forum, and others are so difficult to implement that I don’t know where to begin with… maybe by advising you to search the forum before posting and reading a bit longer than 10 minutes so you have an idea of what others have been discussing before you?

Maybe another player will be kind enough to provide you with most links… Right now I am too weary to do it…