Suggestions to make Zenko better

I’m sure Zenko will get a little buff like UVS did. He’s a solid dragon now but I think 2 tweaks could make him much more viable while still keeping him balanced…

  1. Reduce cool down for Kitsune Mishcief from 4s to 2s. 4 seconds is just way too long for a sorcerer that has no shield.

  2. For Trickster’s toolkit - eliminate cooldown of magic barrier spell completely. The cooldown is way too long and it doesn’t allow us to get the next spell like vine or death gaze or whatever to keep things going. All other spells from toolkit have zero cooldown and so should magic barrier.

That’s it, otherwise he’s solid… Don’t want him to be too OP.


Thanks for the feedback. I will be getting him soon. Those little tweaks sound like they would improve him just enough.
I look forward to learning how to fly him.

I really think PG should stand by what they’ve already released to maintain integrity. We should stop asking for a buff or a nerf to already released products. It is quite respectful of them not to give festive a key for example since they stood by what they stated at the start of the season, hence, asking for a buff to an already available dragon is not right and will risk them going against their own words. Just my opinion :slight_smile:


I’m not a fan of changing the dragons this late into the season if there isn’t a drastic need to do so. From what I have heard zenko works fairly well. Neither him nor ronin appear overpowered or weak. This isn’t a surt situation

If we buff any dragons this late it’s going to cause a lot of community backlash. It’s the same reason Sakura shouldn’t get a key.


Zenko, as a lot of sorcerer, just needs better cooldown. Im for eliminate Kitsune’s cooldown ( 4s to 0s ).
Same Mechanic as Scatter.

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Dragon seems strong and balanced.


I hear you… and I would actually agree with you if they took the time to balance these dragons really well and test them prior to releasing them, but we all know they don’t…

I don’t think he deserves a huge change… But the dragon is always running on tons of rage and he’s designed to be flown in such a way that you have to act very fast and be constantly casting spells or you’re screwed. I always have all this rage and it seems like I’m waiting forever before I can use it again.

I don’t want him OP either… my definition of a well balanced mythic dragon is one that can defeat a base of his own attack power even if defended. For me, my Zenko is at 7.2B attack power now. There are many times when he falls fast and hard against even a 3-5B defense base if defended well… To me that’s not good for a mythic. My UVS has a better chance clearing the same base if defended and he’s only at 5.8B attack power and not a true mythic empyrean.

Just my 2c.

GPF members have already stated that the dragon is very well balanced so are you saying that they didn’t test it thoroughly enough?

Perhaps you just need to change your approach with zenko. I’m not saying you’re not flying it correctly but maybe you aren’t flying it correctly for that particular base ( I don’t have zenko, I have ronin).
I went with ronin bc I am not quite ready to give up my pathox and I thoroughly enjoy hunters. At first I was using the exact same method on every base and failing miserably. Finally I realized that I’m an idiot and adjusted based off of the base and not my flying style and have had immense success taking well over his AP


I don’t have Ronin so I can’t compare. But Zenko compared to UVS is maybe stronger on an undefended base, but on a defended base, Zenko is at a major disadvantage. I would think the same with Ronin since he doesn’t have a way to dodge rage drain either. A lot of my team mates have said when defending, Ronin also drops like rock.

UVS was a major dissapointment when he first came out, I was ready to let him sit on a perch and be done with him but they buffed him later on. So I’m not sure.

Let me put it this way, I have no incentive to get both mythics… both seem to have major disadvantages against defended bases, and if I wasn’t spending I’d probably not bother trying to get either one and just get the base boost and maybe 1 rider or something.

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I edited above, I’m just a slow typer :joy:

How do you do against defended bases?

I didn’t want to post anything, but have you considered that maybe these Mythics are perhaps more difficult to fly and people who are poor fliers may not be able to utilize these dragons to their full potential?

Kitsune Mischief is a blue spell. Use the blue mage towers to your advantage. Learn double and triple shot spots with Foxfire Bolt. Learn how to blink and stutter super shots. Plan your run accordingly to utilize Trickster’s Toolkit well. There’s a ton of options.


Now that I have changed my thought process I do very well. Definitely takes work though

OK I’ll keep practicing…

When I attack I don’t like to study the base I’m hitting… in the heat of battle in Atlas where seconds count you don’t have that luxury so I guess I expect to be able to fly the same for every base but I guess you can’t with these 2 mythics.

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Yeah UVS would probably be better for doing speedy Atlas attacks in NML. Wish PG would do something about that so Atlas isn’t “find the absolute weakest base you can tear through to get to the end as soon as possible even if it means you get 80% glory.”

They’re pretty good for wars and event runs (to some extent) though. They’re just a bit slower. On the bright side, that means you probably can’t get lawnmowed by someone because they bought a shiny dragon, so at least there’s that. -cough- Surt -cough-

Based on what I’ve watched, Zenko reminds me of Neptus and Hau to some degree with regards to avoiding damage, target priority, and critical timing with spells. Ronin might be a slightly easier dragon to brute-force with but the pilot likely won’t get super far if they’re hitting at an equivalent(ish) tier.

And like you said, if you’re not super fond of either of them, the Mythic Empyreans might be coming at the very end of this season so hopefully you can find something there that you like. At least getting 3 keys for a Mythic gives some decent prizes.


Im thinking about getting zenko over ronin but learning he is underwhelemed by his abilities cooldown, he cant even destory a defended base is a disavanthe for being a mythic

Just because one person struggles with some defended bases and has greater success with other dragons doesn’t mean the dragons aren’t great. These dragons may not be their strong suit and both of these dragons have a very high skill cap. The potential to beat strong bases is there, but the potential to lose worse is also greater.

I’ve heard from many good fliers that both this seasons mythics are very good AND fair to defend against. Which is refreshing after last season.


I’ve gotten better hitting defended bases… But it’s definately not his strong suit. You have to pop that kitsune mischief cloak spell as early as possible to get the chaos effect going hopefully with a white shield at the same time… then plan out your strikes very carefully to get the spell you need to hit the next tower. It’s doable.

If this is the new standard then by all means, that’s great. But to make one season way stronger then another kind of sucks. Or worse like they did last season, release way OP Surt and Weak UVS, then correct both of them to be somewhat equal is pretty dumb. If they want to create some sort of standard I’m all for it.

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I suppose I need to learn how to blink