Suggestions to PG

An event timer would be great. Feeding, breeding and building could have a countdown like the team events, particularly since they are team events now.

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So after a little interpretation, I take it you mean:

In which case, fat chance. PG has previously said they wont give the start times to events, both for anticipation purposes and in case anything comes up last minute on their end.


Thus making farming resources 10x more difficult? No thanks.

I see your points

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Even PvP event doesn’t have timers. All you are referring to is the timer from start of event treasure hunt to rounds.
Event officially starts with treasure hunt so there is no countdown even for PvP events.
I hope it makes things clearer.

This may have come up before but a screen for us lefties would be a great improvement. At present the chat line is obscured during runs by the left hand. WD not the only game suffering from this issue

I have another suggestion. Would it be too difficult to enable food/wood boost activation while your storage is upgrading

It would be nice since my storage is basically on permanent upgrade between fortification events. I guess you are in the same boat. Prepare for some higher level players to squash that idea. (If they had to deal with it, so do you. Use strategy preparation bla bla bla).

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We’ve actually been asking for this for a long time and it would benefit the community. But wow, nice to see the bitter tone directed at all high levels equally.


I’d be happy to not have to use 70 12hrs or whatever just to finish storage so I can use food boosts :upside_down_face:

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I didn’t say all. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Anyway, I’m only speaking from experience having previously made the same request.

Pretty sure the higher level players will support it more than anyone else. I’m 332, not sure if that counts as higher level, but due to the insane number of levels on storage and the small amount of resource increase, bigger players are mostly constantly upgrading their storage hut.
(Level 79 requires 42 days without research reduction)

How about making regular “defend yourself” a different color than war “defend yourself”?


It already is. And it supersedes the color for wars and it says defend yourself so the button is obvious.

There are 4 colors and two types.

  1. defend yourself (slightly darker but similar to War)
  2. War and event (reddish brown)
  3. Atlas (blue)
  4. normal (green)

And each button text is either

  1. defend yourself
  2. defend
  3. join

Currently it basically works like this when multiple invites exist. (Correct me if I got any wrong)

If there are more than one type, it takes the higher priority. So if you had an attack with all possible types, it would show the defend yourself color and label, but if you had all but defend yourself it would show War color with the label of defend. If you had a war attack and a regular defend you would see war colors but a defend label.

This is heavily exploited currently to throw in decoys and hide real attacks.

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