Suggestions would be very helpful

Hi everyone . I am level 50 player . I have Asura and stones upto Gold tier which i think will last me until next season . My question is should i go for platinum stone or start base boost line or howitzer and save chests for half price next season .

Every suggestion would be appreciated

I’d say a bit of both. I would save your chests and rubies for next season. But gold will come and go fairly quickly, so it’s nice to have one or two extra evo stones. Base boost won’t really get you much useful things either, if you were to switch the howitzer line is probably better rewards.

So I’d say stay on Asura’s line, but only spend the sigils you get from events etc, and don’t open chests or buy super sigil chests for it.



I meant gold tier

As Morreion suggested it would be nice to have a few extra stones for Asura to get you through the next season easier but the first electrum bars prize you can claim from the Howitzer line gets you up to lv 42 Howitzer, so it’s a nice prize too for a beginner, you’ll use it until you’re well into Sapphire Dragon tier I think! (until you breed Apophet most likely)


Yes so did I, I mean you’ll be entering and leaving gold tier quicker than you might expect, so a gold stone dragon will have to retire sooner than you might like. And while Asura isn’t the strongest dragon in the game, it’s a pretty solid dragon that you might like to have for a bit longer.

That, and three prizes later you get 150 days of timers, which for a low level is a massive amount. Takes about 7000 sigils to get there though, so only really nice if the OP can get that out of the next 5 events. It sounds doable to me, but it’s been a long time since I was 50 so I may be overestimating the sigils you can get per event at that level.

Agreed, that may be a bit much for 5 weeks as a beginner unless you are active everyday with a good team, but not impossible.

That i can do. Thanks

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