1. Might be good…
  2. No food / wood for castleless team :unamused:
  3. IIRC it’s been discussed previously :thinking:
  4. Wider gap between Atlas and non Atlas…
  5. Might be good
  6. Only if the level is balanced properly (breeding progress) :eyes:. Otherwise, kinda unfair for war.
  7. :thinking:
  8. Bring Back old Avatar?
  9. Old Divine :scream:
  10. Old Divine :scream:
  11. Good idea…


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Old avatar != remastered avatar (Tor, Kharnyx anyone?)


because I would like something new and different without discrediting the work older players have put in to get those portraits…


I meant reworked lol

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  1. Clunky and sure to be full of bugs, especially when you take into account things like bubbled castles changing the most direct route. Just spend five seconds to zoom out, look around, and set your home to a convenient spot.

  2. No one likes being raided, but making it harder to raid successfully seems unnecessary.

  3. Could do, I guess, but how many dragons are you seriously considering using at any given time? Ten is usually a hell of a lot more than needed.

  4. On one hand, yeah, that’d be nice. On the other hand, it does more to screw over non-Atlas people.

  5. I guess? I’d settle for the ability to have individual bookmarks in Atlas.

  6. To a point, maybe. If you make the brand new divines available enough, there’s less motivation for players to actually buy them. And they royally screw the balance at lower levels.

  7. Talking to other defenders? That’d be good. Removing consumable-spam? Good. Talking with enemies? That’s just asking for people to spam the chat so nothing useful can be communicated.

  8. Nope. Old, limited-time stuff is now no longer available, and should stay that way.

  9. Nope. Dragons are what they are, and changing them after the fact (unless necessary for balance reasons) is a no-go.

  10. Noooooope. Limited-time is limited-time.

  11. This could be nice, though it looks like for the time being they’re only interested in offering these as temporary rewards for big things (like completing both seasonal mythics).

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In coding != means “not equal to” so…

I would want another remastered Tor avatar though. Preferably not costing money and rubies and being in a branch costing 30k sigils. Maybe in a branch like the Headless horseman or that Christmas branch.

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I would love to hear PG’s opinion on this post.

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