Summary thread of problems in Atlas

  • some team members till can’t access it
  • poachers in team territory still spawn in stupid locations
  • getting hats is not possible anymore
  • no bullhorns available


Add your thoughts please


the gold received from Mine might be after Tax. Did you consider the amount of tax you applied to your team?


Tax on home is zero.


1 and 3, yep

2 – I think they show a pretax amount. Just did a run that showed 150k and I got 120k with a 20% tax rate.

4, 5 – No more hats was a conscious design choice (for better or for worse), not a bug. Bullhorns have a very low drop rate but they are available in the card game–got 4 last night.


Wow… Zero tax :flushed: are you in tax heaven? Jokes aside, mine still shows the amount correctly. very strange for your teammate


Duh I set home on a different location by mistake. Reset it now, works. I’ll amend accordingly


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