Summer Atlas Season


@PGDave is there a date for the new season? I thought it was suppose to start yesterday. I know many are asking about the final prize for spring season. I understand this was the first season but for the new price of Atlas as a consumer I would think PG would have more information like regular game seasons.


Yes, some communication here would be great. No one wants to use any troops if the next season is starting any time soon.


Wondering when new atlas season will start as well. I understand fully pg might want to wait until next atlas roll out. But it would be nice to have some communication on this aspect.


The lack of communication from the Atlas team is appalling. We still don’t know the prizes and we have no information about the next season.

You want us to like this pile of crap that is Atlas but then continue to ignore the player base on important questions? Just sad

Maybe someone on the Atlas early bird team can get PG to respond.


The new season has just been announced (along with more land) – Atlas Platinum Expansion

Sorry that summer season team prizes were not communicated well; we discussed them intensely with the earlybirds group before the season, but somehow sharing got stalled from there. We’ll do our best to get out in front of the next season … there will be some exciting stuff.

The prizes were just announced too – Atlas End of Springveil Season Rewards


They are gonna get new skins for their dragons, that no one can see, but the players/teams that win them?


Sorry but there is nothing in that post about the some season


You can honestly keep that garbage you’re calling prizes. I think i’ll just save troops next season if y’all are gonna be that stingy.


Says new season start on 31st when new land opens.


I’m expecting the neutral castles near the lands to be opened will be full of Prims. And it will be in lumps. ʕ灬→ᴥ←灬ʔ


Yeah missed that as I figured it would be an individual section but after the crap prizes they released for the last season it doesn’t need it own section.


Do some exciting stuff with the current team prizes…


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