Summer Divine Design! Thoughts?

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Hello! I have designed a seasonal dragon for the upcoming summer season! Thoughts on it? I also have spells in mind for it! Please let me hear your feedback on this dragon!

But first its lore:

After millennia of resting in a volcano, it awakes with a burning vengeance.

Cloak (Lvl 1)(Blue) (1 Rage)
(NEW SPELL???)3rd Degree(Lvl1)(Blue) This spell would increase damage greatly and give back some health. (1 Rage) *This would be the spell to have the runes!
Extract Essence (Level 10)
Fire Flak Resist (Level 13)


Sorry. Is this a one shot spell (like Galvanic Overload?) If so, then okay. If this is similar to Autumn Reap (stat boost spell), then it’s more like a blue…

It is more so like autumns reap, but red

If so, then making it red is the same as making it white, as red mage cannot disable it…
In other words, too OP…

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I didn’t think of that, I will make it blue!

I like the drawing, however hunters haven’t made use of a dual resist since gold tier… secondly those aren’t great resists end/late game

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True, would extract essence be better?

Pg likes to pull down top tier spells for new divines usually (with the exception of making new spells entirely) so I would say soul devour or leech essence would be pretty cool… or something fire based lol


lovely artwork :heartbeat:


Hoping Absorb magic for hunter :pray::pray::pray:

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Thank you very much!

Absorb magic would be awesome

It’s a nice idea and dragon looks really neat :+1:

But I don’t think they would make a Chaos + health spell only one rage.
Also They won’t make that kind of spell red.

I like the concept art

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