Summer Divine Hunter Design!

This is a revised post of my other (Summer Divine Design! Thoughts?)

@PGJared @PGKharnyx @PGCrisis
Hello! I have designed a dragon that I think would be an awesome addition to the game in the coming Summer Season!

Meet Aldrnari, The Flamescale Wyvern!

Lore: Even after ages of slumber in a dormant volcano, this dragon is not weakened at all.

Lvl 1(Blue) Cloak [1 Rage](Just cloak nothing special)
Lvl 1(Blue) 3rd Degree [2 Rage] (This spell is like Autumns Reap, so it restores some health and increases attack damage when activated)
Lvl 10(White)Absorb Magic [1 Rage w/ 4 second cool down]
Lvl 13(Resist) Fire Flak Resist

If you have any feedback and/or suggestions, let me know!


Is that they typeface from Star Wars?


@PGJared Maybe lol :sweat_smile:

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Aldrnari is the Old Norse word for ‘fire,’ yeah? I named my Fennekin Aldrnari way back when I played X. Cool art too! :t_rex:


It is in fact, as this game has heavy references to Norse Mythology (Hugin and Munin for a start) Also thank you!

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Luv it

Nice dragon but I guess pg already created designs of divines for summer season .

You have some talent. Join their creators faction. Isn’t this what they do?

I would like to see another great contest and the teams get to have their own dragon. Kind of like the avatars. Just an idea if they’ve already designed the dragons.

Would be something fun and exciting to aim for.

They can introduce it as an end of season dragon like kirin, anuba and nydryr :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Perhaps this is better…

I’ve wandered what the great contest was?
Was it in game? Or just where posted pics of Avatars/Dragons?

Love the Leo avatar but says from “The Great Contest”

The Great Contest was a series of events back in December 2015 where the top 6 global teams were rewarded with custom portraits. You had to be on the team at the time to get them I think, though I believe there have been special moments where PG let’s the leader of those teams award current members with their avatars. Those teams are Dread, Equilibrium (before nearly the whole team quit), LethalSquad (disbanded), AtariOverload, Dragongasm, and AncientsAscent (I always call them AA so I may have spelled it wrong).


Why that event came ? Can I know more details ?

I like dreadnought potrait , that’s great

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It was like a mini-season before seasons were a thing.

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Did they have to war each other or anything or did they just give the top 6 their own portrait? @TheRedDelilah

Off topic - They need more random events, one time events and mini events like Assault. Even just 1-2 a season would break the repetitive cycle.

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This is only making potrait contest I think , not fight . Contest between top 6 teams in WD . Correct me if I’m wrong .

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The Great Contest gave teams something unique to fight towards. Which in turn promotes activity to fight for the top.

As of right now, we are all fighting for and gaining the same rewards. Nothing we are all going towards is providing uniqueness. @PGJared @PGCrisis I don’t know if this should be a completely different thread or topic.

However, I don’t see why a team wouldn’t want to fight to have their very own divine crafted and tailored for their personal success, just as we did portraits.

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@xLightWolfx did you take any inspiration from omarr an Orange legendary divine dragon, cause it has some aspect of him in it?

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