Summer divine thoughts

So now that the spells and costs are released, I’d really like to hear what the GPF people think about the new dragons. Also anyone can go ahead and share their thoughts on what they see. But I particularly want to hear from people who tested them, I’m mostly curious about the hunter and the mythic.

Personally, I feel a little disappointed after springveil divines being mostly great.


I’m curious to hear from them as well, so comment to follow the post.

IMO, the discount is the one I’m getting, may try for the Mythic since I can get half of him by completing the discount dragon. Hunter is not good. Only good part of the hunter is cloak.

Shutting up now and waiting for GPF.

Pg is lucky there’s people who collect all the dragon, otherwise they’d make no money this season.
Edit 1: @TheRedDelilah I wish I could have seen the conversations you had with pg over this season… 1 hunter, and he has this kit…


I’m going to assume the GPF was completely ignored on the hunter. If someone there actually said the players will love a flying ballista with rising phoenix, we need a resignation.


To be fair it has 50% damage boost, so you a have a white talon frenzy atleast. :roll_eyes:

I think the hunter doesn’t look all that bad. Comparing him to Avyx, who I think is a very decent hunter:


  • identical

Talon frenzy vs Heatstroke

  • Same instant damage
  • Added dot effect
  • White instead of Blue

Healing Mark vs Everlasting Hunt

  • Twice the cost
  • Harder to time
  • Heals to full health instead of ~50%
  • Works under a red mage shield


  • Fire Flak instead of Ice Turret

All in all it seems like he’s a little different but not necessarily worse. I think his heal and resist are slightly better, and Heatstroke is definitely better even if you ignore the dot.

-edit- changed mistake in frenzy damage

I’m not a fan of the fire flak resist personally… dark flak or ice turret is still more useful given most people have one or two fire flaks

Frenzy and the white spell have the same damage stat @ 50%, white has the dot effect, which doesn’t help defended or for higher tier players.

But yes, it’ll do decently since it has a damage amplifying spell and cloak. The red spell is the disappointment of this dragon since it has no place on a competitive kit.

I’ll do a full review when I get free time.


Ah you’re right, I remembered frenzy as 65% for some reason. So heatstroke is just straight up better, even if you ignore the dot part.

The red spell seems better than HM to me, at least at my level. I rarely need HM in more than one spot on my Avyx runs, and I’d rather have an instant heal to 100% than a 30-40% heal that requires me to use shots on a monument or a tower (if red is down). It is a lot harder to time right of course, but I kinda like a dragon that rewards good timing.

Might be different if you’re in Harbinger and going up against long bases, but at my level all strong bases are very short.

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Appreciate that, exactly my thoughts… I might get the mythic just because I need to catch up on lineage :joy: hopefully you’ll get the time so I can read it when I get home

I was taught if I can’t say something nice I should keep quiet.

So regarding the sorcerer and hunter - silence

The warrior will be op till players figure out the counter, and then he will die fast.



Where did you see the cost for spells for the summer drags?

Credit PQ

Discount Dragon is good… Hunter Dragon is not good and not interest on those Spell… I prefer to get egg token boost…

Adaptive resist gives some rage everytime it is used so that would benefit the sorcerer. Plus, the white lightning bolt and northern lights along with mystic barrage are good spells. You can obliterate islands with the lightning bolt. You can heal your dragon with the northern lights. And you can deal massive damage with the mystic barrage while at the same time cycling through resists from adaptive resist when needed to.

Overall, the first sorcerer of the season wins me over once again! It looks amazing with its spellset and reminds of Estril, Spindra and Equestor morphed into a whole new dragon! Can’t wait to get the dragon!

Thank you Lutus for adding it here, thanks PQ for creating. I don’t think the hunter is bad looking at all. I’m a fan of rising phoenix so I like that spell, I have never used it on a hunter, and extra 50% damage from heatstroke is like talon frenzy as someone else pointed out. TF is a spell we should all be comfortable with. Maybe because my expectations were low to begin with I’m happy :smile: BTW I only emphasized my opinion on the hunter cuz honestly it is the only class I use.

I see what some are complaining about, that lighting storm spell. That looks terrible but lets be honest we received 2 good mythics back to back :woman_shrugging:

Higher level gameplay, thunder doesn’t cut it anymore


Hmm to me it seems like equestor without the damage (familiar damage + massive rage boost missing, even less rage if you use shield), or like spindra without the guaranteed tower kill. It doesn’t look like a bad spell set on the surface, but I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d use this dragon. It’s not a good lead and it’s not a good follow.


You can’t stop me from using the sorcerer in the future. It’s my opinion, but I’ll take your advice anyway

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