Summer dragons 2018

Has there been any word on summer dragon yet??

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No. They probably won’t announce anything until after Springveil season.

Isn’t it usually during the final days of the season they start previews?


:joy::joy::joy:. I do believe so!

For winter season, i believe PG started releasing info 17 days prior to the season start.
For spring it was only a few days before the season start that they released info.

Hopefully soon though, im curious :smiley:


I heard that the summer dragons will be the best dragons to date! One must spend all monies on them because they are super fantabulous and some even include the “iwin” spell if you spend enough monies on them :heart_eyes:


I heard that one of the summer mythics will have “Armageddon”. A 1-rage white spell that destroys the entire base as long as you swipe your Amex Black.


Rumor has it there will only be 3 summer divines, one from each class and all mythic.

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I hope I don’t get in trouble for leaking this…


A very credible source has said that all summer dragons will be new divine versions of chunk.



Careful though, you might not want to get him because he looks like he’d be saucy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A friend of mine who knows a friend said a friend of his friend that her friend heard that the Summer Season there will be no glitches, bugs, sync errors, cheaters and megacoins. :nerd_face:
This is legit and credible.

  1. This Summer Season all dragons will be on vacation.
  2. Regular game will have to be replaced by Atlas, and riders flying themselves with new supergear.



This thread is amazing :joy::joy:

If PG need player to spend money. This summer season dragon. It need to have spell name Adam Bomb. It take 1 rage bar to use and when it use all the island will blow up and burn. I bet all the spenders will spend money for this over the top dragon. Better yet name the dragon Kim K. The ride for this dragon is K/Ray with 2 head.


This would incredibly disheartening and while it sounds funny. I don’t put it past PG to do this.

I heard that there will bring back some of the original divine dragons and their evolve stones for any that missed them the first time around,


Honestly mate this isn’t happening. Whoever told you is just wrong. They have stated more times than I can count that they have no plans to bring back old divines.

It would be a MASSIVE mistake by pg to do it.

Did you read the rest of the posts on this thread and think this one was legitimate? If so, I apologize. It was my hope that anyone reading it would realize it was an attempt at humor. I am not saying it was a successful attempt, but an attempt nonetheless.