Summer Forums Contest - Turn up that Summer Heat with Your Dragons! 🔥


Ohhh :eyes: then…forget I said anything, I wasn’t here. Ninja vanish


should work now


Works now…nice video




nice video, only feedback is that I’m surprised no dragon den view of somebody and maybe use “incredible” only once at the beginning of video.


I agree, the use of incredible was unintentional, lol!

I guess I was excited.

The Dragon den was a miss. My teams asked me why opera music, opera is what I enjoy, sets it apart and is used as background for some of the most epic scenes in movies. Pulse the song Sole Amio has a message too.

Thank you for the input, btw, the opening sequence I made including the mountainous fly over, I did that as well, created and textured the scenery. My computer although good, is no industrial strength graphics workstation.




He doesn’t flap his wings :open_mouth: That reminds me of Skarmory, lol.
Anyways, awesome!!! :t_rex:


My favorite dragon. :muscle:


Is that an egg mission base?


No, was one of the xp bases I had bookmarked.


Hahaha… @Kappatain will be pround!


Garnet unboosted Fomhar vs defenders on a 311


My video entry, hopefully it’s on time! (Time zones confuse me, haha)
War Dragons Summerflare Season Contest Entry - IGN Sylestia

Good luck to everyone else!


Good news! It’s still Thursday in California so you got your entry submitted in plenty of time. Deadline’s probably going to be about 23.5 hours from now based on past experience (maybe 22.5 hours. Dunno if they’ll cut the time off at 5 pm Pacific time or 6 pm Pacific time)



This contest is now closed. Winners will be announced Friday, July 20th!

Until then, enjoy some Lilo and Stitch goodness:


I am so sorry for the delay all! The team and I really had a hard time choosing which videos we liked best this time around as there were so many great videos!

The top 3 this time around are:

  1. @StarBreaker0

  2. @Sharray

  3. @xVoldaRx

Honorable Mentions are:

  1. @ChargerRT1969
  2. @Blackfire565

Please PM me about your prizes. :smiley: