Summer Giveaway 2019 Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the Summer 2019 Giveaway.


I dream of a Dodo plush :wink:


Seems to work like the game. Enter name. You have a gleam account. Fill out info. Log in fails. Next log in works, go back to entry page and start all over.
Not sure why we would want to spam our social media for a very small chance of winning a very small prize. Surprised you didn’t add like 10 elemental embers, a hammer and shield to the prize package. Consumables in this game must be made from rare Earth pixels.


The digital prizes are not much of a windfall, but I do love that dodo, and kinda the invoker mug too.

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Can we see what the invoker keychain look like ? I know the mug but not the keychain :thinking:

Ik it’s minor details but hey i like minor details :stuck_out_tongue:

@free2kill, ta-da


How about a heated up invoker mug pic? :eyes:

Note that the image goes all the way to the top, but my tea hadn’t heated the whole thing yet.


So awesome :heart_eyes: I want one :laughing:

Edit: I am now super curious what kind of tea that is :eyes:

Bigelow English Teatime. Couldn’t find any Earl Grey

That cup is actually pretty bad ass. PG needs to open a store so we can buy stuff like that. That could supplement your income and offset when you give us more timers and embers and allow us to change dragon runes.


I like both! Awesome

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there is a store

I don’t see the mug there


I see no Dodo. :cry:

Maybe you have to enter the competition to get these items…

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Well I tried multiple times, so I guess no mug for me…

I can reach out to Gleam to see if they have any troubleshooting tips for ya.

Here’s their response!

"That usually happens when there’s a problem with their cookie settings. For now, they can log in directly using"

OH WOW, that mug is amazing.

Why are you all not selling these things? People would be buying a ton of them.