Summer Mythics guessing 2021

Not seen a post yet. I qm guessing next season Mythics are Hunter and Sorcerer. I just guessing and waiting for the new season clues

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Way toooo early for Summer mythic announcement


Never too early to ask for buffs
@ PGGalileo can we buff the next mythic sorcerer’s blue spell pls, it’s not lasting long enough


Mythics should be a hunter and sorcerer, i think the legendaries will be discount invoker, wave 1 warrior, wave 2 hunter, festive warrior.


Kind of what I was thinking but who knows lol

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Yeah we need a buff on the sorcerer like alpha said :confused:


Never to soon for a hint. Only 4 weeks till new season


They typically do Season Clue threads 1-2 weeks before the season.


I think it’s time to purposefully release a mediocre hunter. Since hunterbois get to cry about defending warriors this is my official request for a garbage hunter and dont want to have to put any effort into defending them. Give it a cloak with a 30s cooldown and a passive that caps its max ammo at 3 :laughing:



If you look at all the past seasons, there has been warriors (legendary or mythic). Since this season has no mythic warriors, there should be two legendary warriors. Since celestial rift had a discount warrior i am assuming that next season will not have a discount warrior. That places the warriors in wave 1 full priced and festive (since no full priced dragons are of the same class). Then we should have an invoker in next season bc invokers are cool and since in celestial rift it was in wave 2, i think that the invoker will be discounted. Finally in wave 2, since we had 2 sorcerers in celestial rift and no hunters i think there will be a hunter in wave 2. So: Wave 1: discount invoker, warrior, wave 2: hunter, wave 3: festive warrior.


We have had two discount hunters one after the other, so I would assume that the same logic would apply to warriors. I am not saying that is what will happen, nor am I saying that it will not, but there is a possibility.

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We do have two clues given in the arcanum mythic and festive video:

  1. The season name has two words, the first starting with W and the second starting with T:
    W… T…
  2. The quote: “War, war never changes” from fallout 4, with Gal saying to pay attention to the “never changes” part.

From this, there must be a link to war, somehow. That being said, the season will based or related to one of these things: war out of the game of war dragons, a real war - or - a war in the game of war dragons, which i think is more likely.

Yes but a double discount has only happened once in the past 9 seasons. Yes it could be a possibility and yes PG has a reputation of copy pasting certain dragons from season to season but we can hope right?

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[sentence redacted]

Now, I assume the W stands for war, but what is the T?

The way I read this post, it would seem you are treating invokers as a distinct, forth class. If this is the case, the predictions may need to be revised somewhat.

BLUF: We can’t really trust past dragon class rotations now to infer upcoming releases.

From a dragon class rotation perspective, the Invoker class replaced what would otherwise be a Hunter or Sorceror. Since a Warrior was replaced with an Invoker in the Arcanum lineage legendaries, it is then also entirely possible that this could occur in season with divines. This means that the only inference we can semi-reliably make is that one class should not appear more than two consecutive seasons in the mythic offerings. Still, like everything else, that is entirely up to PG’s discretion and could change at any time, with no notice. While fun, I’d caution to reinforce that any predictions are purely speculation.


In my conclusion I thought it would be a discount hunter because we haven’t had a discount hunter since Asura (Lotusblossom) and its already been a year. I don’t think they will release another discount invoker since we had Marav (Souldance). But hey, its PG for all we know it ~could be a discount sorcerer~.:joy:


War tribes
War trials
War tributes
War totems
War time
Warring tribes
War terrain
War territory?

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Warrior Trials!


New Terminator Movie

War Terminator


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