Summer season 2018

When does summer season 2018 will start and is already sth revealed about the new dragons?

June 6th IIRC. It tells you how many days are in the spring season on the season tab.

The countdown remaining in the current season can be found in the event center under the season rewards. 33 days 15 hours and 39 minutes as of right now. Summer will follow. No other info that I have seen.

You will not really hear anything about the new dragons until the last week of this season.


There’s already a topic on the Summer Season of 2018. @TheRedDelilah please close this duplicate thread

Also, this thread is an extra. You can discuss the 2018 Summer Season in the previously made thread that I posted the link for above.

Hope that we can have Mystic Harbinger Hunter in Dark Type or Fire type in the upcoming Summer Season tho.

Should be a mythic warrior next season…we just had a mythic Hunter last season

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I hate warrior dragon unless it has an impressive move

I think Skarr is pretty much the only warrior that I actually like to fly… Except for Mehatten, but only because he has lasers. Looking forward to lasering him through Atlas invader bases one day.

Edit: Sadly Skarr is retired now :cry:

I don’t have Conthanak in this season but I got Fomhar and Aibrean cuz I’m a hunter lover tho

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