Summer season dragons

Does anyone else hate how the new season dragons use stones so much sooner as a new player only being in green tier is has really dissapointed me seeing that i can go to level 10 with nollaig where as coatl i can only go to level 5 which means for the next year or 2 last seasons dragons will always be stronger ?

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Yes. And I mean, a lot.
That said, there have been 2 threads mentioning this.
This and this.
I think it’s better to continue our discussion there.


I guess since they refer to levels i didn’t catch that the evo stones were being shifted around at this rate not sure if i want to continue playing having to rethink spending and my future with wd since currently as a newer player i am not liking the direction i am seeing the game go only 90 days in and level 73 but in that time span every new update has made me resent the game more and more.

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Strength is similar. The bad thing is that now you need to have much higher level to open all skills. Year ago it was enough to be level 70 to open skill at level 10 of dragon. In spring (also winter, possibly) season you need to be level 84. Now - 102 and platinum evolution to open same skill. And yet there is one more, 4th…

Good thing is that you can get new seasonal to the highest possible level twice faster than earlier - required amount of xp is decreased, so for me it is now less than 2 weeks instead of 3-4.


At level 3 which is what coatl uses the greenstone nollaig at level 6 is clearly stronger and yes if i was 3 years into the game and level 200 plus it would be a non issue but as a new player i see this new season as dragons I won’t be able to come close to really being able to utilize for a long time which some will say is fair since i am new to the game which is fine but then what is my incentive to spend ingame now instead of waiting a few years until i am capable of utilizing the new stone leveling setup ?

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As far as having to be a higher level if that was all i could deal with that but having to breed the necessary dragons to use the stones there is no work around even spending which makes spending a mute point since it becomes a waiting game is the realization i have come to so either i need to stop spending and just wait a year or 2 or buy an acct that i can utilize the current dragons lol

Spending includes XP transfer (rubies) and either egg token using rubies or 1,5k breeding…

It’s not that bad. You don’t need to be 3 years in game to get benefit from that. Basically, 7-8 mothts and you get lvl 100. And most important skills are given on lvl 1 already.
Attack lvl is not everything to look at - especially for hunters, where skills are everything. If you are going to play more than couple of months, you will appreciate that change :slight_smile:


Just follow breeding path, don’t breed each and every dragon, and everything will be fine. Basically, path is Nassus, Naga -> Danzig, Nix -> Ferrox, Basileus -> Khrysos, Sekoronos (1st to incubate) -> Man, Cerbero -> Kelvin, Kaidju. The fastest that will allow to evolve seasonal.

Appreciate the info will throttle back my spending until i can get some breeding done and if by then i am still interested in the game will resume spending to get dragons that i can utilize at that time.

Are you on a breeding path love?

I wasn’t since i thought I had time but getting on 1 now though since i have coatl but can only go to level 5 with him.

@moderators how many more threads do we need this season? It’s getting hard to keep up.

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This is the WD of the last couple years… Welcome aboard :smile:

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I’m glad.
New players are relying solely on these divines and take zero interest in regularly available dragons.
Force the new players to appreciate the GOOD BALANCED tiers for what they are.



That’s sarcasm right? :joy:
With all the semi premium and premium towers thrown at low level players and good old Amarok, the king of all pre-gold dragons getting blown into pieces by Ice/Fire Turrets and Flaks.


Well, it was balanced until PG decided there wasn’t enough revenue in towers that could be upgraded exclusively through a free, renewable resource. That’s when the started introducing the turrets and later still, the flaks.

And later still today, we will see more and more flaks I’m sure. A base of only flaks, coming to a whale near you in 2019!

:joy: A flak heavy base is a pain in the butt to fly against, especially if you have no rage. Dragons die very quickly.

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The problem is not introducing Flaks but the level range of players and their dragons you introduce them to.

Fire/Ice Turret Resist came on Platinum+ dragons so it would make sense to unlock those towers only to those players.
Flak Resist came on Harbinger+ dragons, same story.

Either that, or when you add new towers for all level ranges, you would also have to add new dragons to counter those towers for all level ranges.

Orange to Platinum lineage dragons just don’t cut it against Flaks.

But balance was never PG’s strong side, just look at Sorc/Warror vs. Hunter :man_facepalming: