Summer Season events

I’m just curious about Summer Season Events. does this mean War Dragons will have 4 breeding events in the season?
Breeding -> PvP -> Fort -> PvP -> Breeding -> PvP -> Fort -> Feeding -> Breeding -> PvP -> Fort -> PvP -> Breeding
Am I wrong with my assumption?

It happened Spring 2017 as well :slight_smile:

That’s correct, my friends! Since breeding is the first event of the summer season then there’ll be four of them in the Summerflare season!

The feeding would be to soon.
Hopefully it would hit at end of season right before the last breeding.

According to this that would make what? 3 feeding events within 20 weeks :weary:

I feel your pain, I’m den-capped on the dragons that earn me lots of points in the feeding events. Also, I run out of dragons to feed fast

And here come the “Feed your perches to get max points” replies :grimacing: @AndrogynousNyx

I’m only kidding…I just do not enjoy feeding honestly, like you said most divines are capped. Good current lineage dragons are expert.
So it’s feedinf perches and dragons 3-4 tiers down uselsss dragons.
Just not very fun!

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Agree, I’m going to start good tier soon and unfortunately I didn’t manage to get Ettin to breedable so Yersinu will to wait😖


I gave up halfway through this event. Not only did I know that I wouldn’t reach the next prize, but Feeding is just so damn boring. Not to mention the sh!t food economy doesn’t recover. But alas, we all know that haha. I’ll take anything over Feeding at this point. :t_rex:

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Don’t feel too bad. I’ve got to skip the next two breeding events because Rizar isn’t leveled and Kaiju isn’t even hatched yet. Plus it’s better to wait than go off path and waste tokens. :t_rex:


I rock fortification though. It’s the easiest event in the whole game

Yes I do enjoy Fortification as long as I’ve planned what I’m upgrading and have enough timers lol. :t_rex:

Not really for me.
Recently my speedups were used to fuel some plat, namely Vulcan and Kelvin (along with Necura) :sob: .
Therefore, nothing left for fort event…
However, I’ll have more preparation for this fort, as I’ll have enough eggs for fort :wink:.

Timers are my main bottleneck in the game too. I need 72 days worth by next Fort to make it to 108 but I think I only have about 30 right now :confounded: Stress! :t_rex:

Fort is an easy event to do well in but it’s also a very dangerous event since it’s so easy to over level yourself

Fort is my favorite event but it’s so easy to get caught up in it and suddenly youre 6 levels higher than you’d intended


I’ve never fallen into that trap, but then again, I like to hoard rss for future performance and am not in the least bit tempted to spend more timers than I’m willing to. I usually get one, maybe two den upgrades in a fort event before calling it quits.

That happens every fort for me. Last fort I meticulously planned for level 126 and ended at 133. Lol. Next fort is 145, and I’m really hoping to stick to that.

Good news for you all is that by the time you get to mid-high 100s you can quite easily aim for the 1.9m mark (legendary glyph) and still stay within the breeding/storage hut/builders hut break points. Just need to plan!

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I like having Feeding event as the last of a season.
Either you’re done by then so you dont have to waste rss on unneeded sigils and just chill a bit, or its a good way to get those remaining ones you need.

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