Summer season good and bad


PG what are you doing this season??? Let’s review the good and the bad…

Tanok – a decent defender and very nice you made a half price! Thank you!!!
Nel – a veteran rider??? Yet he comes behind Oksana and Grog for HP/ATK???
Atlas Defender – you change gear to HP/ATK, but not the defender… Please convert the HP/ATK… (Tanak is 10-13 so the atlas defender should be slightly better, maybe 13-15 when max.)

Next let’s look at the dragons…
Huitzil – a nice dragon with Aegis at 16%. Unfortunately he is crap at 10% as he can’t clear 65 towers, let alone the soon to be released 70s… Also you are advertising him as MYTHIC, when he is really legendary vanguard fully evolved/maxed!
Chatl – crap, but half price so the prizes are worth it.
Cuauhtl – decent dragon, but since he maxes at Harbringer, he’s worthless for me.
Yez & Zotz – Zotz looks cool, but I’ll never fly either as they are harbringer and not vanguard.

this leaves the festive dragon to “impress”… good luck!!

I’m really not understanding your thought process…. It’s almost all worthless???


By that same thought process, the legendary festive would probably cap at Harbinger too.

e: Not saying that I’m disagreeing, in fact, I agree that all the dragons are shit, but getting to sit back after finishing 1 full dragon line and the 100% egg boost, AND getting two riders is pretty sweet for me, as an E2P :wink:

Seems to me like they’re just encouraging people to go E2P or F2P, imo.


Probably the best word is:
Huitzli is a mythic dragon (in terms of Perch effect), which has the same power level as Legendary Vanguard
(Next season, we’ll have Legendary Dragon with the same power level… :woman_facepalming:)


yea the “festive” dragon should only evolve to harbringer. that’s expected as only the “mythic” is expected to evolve to “mythic” of the new teir. Might be a nice way for pg to make a decent dragon this season… however doubtful


I think the problem is about releasing Vanguard Tier dragons while current season are maxed at Harbinger (except for Huit which can be revolve further to Vanguard).

Although this does not happen very often, the scenario best described PG’s planning.

The timing of the new tier with respect to the season divines should have been considered.


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