Summer Season Preview?

Just wondering if we are going to be having a Summer Season Preview Stream by perhaps @PGLawson this time?

I know its early and we are still a few weeks away but the preview is one great way to see whats coming in the new season and get those little insights into design and tips etc.

I really do hope we can have one

Indeed it’s a bit early, usually during the last week of the current season, we’re still a month away from it :wink: We’ll most likely get one, it’s been a looong while…


wish they did that ahead of time(as in like mid seasons) so that people can decide if they should just be done with the season as some wouldnt like to get invoker but the alternative choice is pretty sh1tty atm. (already got naja and currently working towards danav for my perch though. but… that wouldn’t exactly be the case for the most of us.)

oh and, @Kardul that was a quick edit. :+1:t2:


Sorry, should have been a bit clearer, the normal preview time, the week before the season, not now or earlier.

I also think that maybe, @PGGalileo will be streaming it, having read their intro after I posted this thread.

Anyways, it looks promising that will may get the preview stream at the normal time, which is great :slight_smile:

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Well, that wouldn’t serve them well if people gave up mid season, they would lose on revenue…

But there’s actually a good explanation why they don’t do it in the middle of the current season: the dragons and season are simply not ready!

It takes weeks to brainstorm, design, animate Dragons, add textures and effects, check if the spells have an adequate power, check bugs and glitches, create portraits and other things! (and despite that things can still pass the grid, like Surt…)
If I remember correctly it takes 7-9 weeks to create a dragon (obviously there are several people working on different aspects of creation and we know a few from streams or AMA)

They likely can’t show a dragon that is still a half-finished concept unless it’s intentional for a festive created live for instance :laughing:

PS: ninja skills!


Hard solution.
Observe Announcement category and check regularly.

Easy solution
Stalk forSci :eyes:


Work smarter not harder… easy solution for the win \o/


People will not be paying for the 2nd mythic anyway, which is the shittier one… unless they want the inferior mythic on a perch like myself.

And whales will always be whales no matter what until they actually quit the game. :man_shrugging:t2:

If they didnt want people to give up mid season after they got their 1st mythic, they shouldve designed the mythics to have at least similar capability of taking down bases. -not gonna get into details on how to compare ‘em on that perspective but u get the pt without detail quibblings.

idk, maybe they should hire more ppl and schedule to design dragons quicker? Better for the players that way.

More/early info to players -> decisions can be made earlier and easier to stop trying for the season -> if pg doesnt want players to quit mid season, they’d design mythics(somewhat of a goal in a season) better -> Gives players no reason to quit mid season -> everyone’s happy?

That was my fully drunk, half-asleep thought process. :grin:




Totally spoiling the next season’s dragons that early might kill the suspense (which in my opinion is half the fun :joy:), but small spoilers could be a great addition to the game. Nice idea!

I think it could be kinda fun if they started releasing spoilers pretty early, but like in mysterious ways inside the game.
For example, like a small model of one of the next season’s mythics could appear in one of Atlas’ oceans or mountains, and from that it would often be possible to determine the class and element of the new dragon. Just a thought :joy: that’d be interesting to see in game.

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That often depends on perspective. Take last season for example: Noctarn is the better drag when flown at max potential, but Faf is much easier to fly. For some ppl Faf is the better option.
Same with Narlyth vs Gig. Even with Narlyth’s glitches it was the better dragon when flown at maximum potential but Gig was still very solid and also a lot easier to fly.


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The humor is strong with this one, misa lik’it :joy:

Y’all are going to love his hair :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ve never watched a stream before… but I’m going to have to watch this one. I think they’re going to have a lot more life now and I’m excited to see them


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Maybe they could bring back discounted rider for the first page now that they figured out the gear “issue”

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The gear issue was why all of the rider shards were in the first page. We have 2 discount lines already they’re not going to give us a 3rd