Summer Season Reveal

The skies are dark. Clouds hang heavy in the sky. A sound rumbles up from beneath the water. The whole earth seems to be shaking. Land is emerging from the waters …

The promise of treasure sings to dragons from across the sea!


We’ll talk a bit more about that intro story on stream today. More teaser images and content coming next week.


Please let us know as soon as you can if they will be using this same season structure or reverting it back to how it was before this season or at least something similar.


So does this season relate to the new Atlas update? Cause it feels oddly familiar.

No chance they revert it back.

I suspect nerfing most of the lines and forcing us to pick crap lines was an intentional step to reduce RSS from the economy with the aim of getting more spend.


So do I and all it’s going to do is continue to drive people away


Theyre let us know RIGHT before the summer season goes live. Cause thats what theyre best at. We dont get much info on the season before it even starts


Please test out your new season dragons against max flaks how cosmic mages instead of cannons archers and storms, prior to launching and making videos :grin::grin::pray::pray:


That will immediately drive all their unearthed dragons back to earth (dead).
I don’t think they would ever showcase that kind of videos to the community as videos to market the new season. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:joy:. Don’t say that way. Aiyoh. … Better to go back to earth then to do false advertising which in some jurisdiction is an offence in law


They do, the demo videos you see are just to show how the spells work

Yeah. Their spells worked brilliantly on archers and cannons and can dodge storms.

Then they launch and rely on feedbacks from players and then wait till the following season to improve or nerf it.

So yeah cut the double work. Test it out in max bases with dwfeners before launching. Thanks.

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If only there were people who had acces to such things, the dragons and bases to test before release.


But didn’t several PG employees said they are playing the game themselves? Didn’t Galileo gifted himself rubies to max his bases to tests out the game when he was an employee?

So why not. They have the access, codes to free rubies to max their bases to test new designs. …

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You clearly have no clue how tests run , I’ve been there and seen it . Designers do their own runs and tests and work very close with gpf who’re the engine of new dragon tests


I mean, you are complaining about a issue you dont know how it works, which shows.
GPF tests these dragons before release from PG on actual bases (yes with flaks) and give recommendations to PG.


Wow you evolved since I last tested with ballistas :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Then why did Pg have to gather players feedbacks on nockmar?? Doesn’t make sense

PGMatt is actually pretty active in the game. I believe Carlos is recently starting to play as well.

Any other PG employees that I know of likely had a account with gifted resources.

HOWEVER, their role is not as dragon testers. That’s up to people who balance dragons, and GPF to give feedback. PG chooses who to listen to, they can ignore GPF or they can listen to them. It’s up to PG

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