Summer Season Reveal

PGMatt is actually pretty active in the game. I believe Carlos is recently starting to play as well.

Any other PG employees that I know of likely had a account with gifted resources.

HOWEVER, their role is not as dragon testers. That’s up to people who balance dragons, and GPF to give feedback. PG chooses who to listen to, they can ignore GPF or they can listen to them. It’s up to PG

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I already miss looking for clues and secrets about the next season… :disappointed:

Hopefully we’ll get a nice crystal/gemstone dragon, something nice to look at… this season has been a bit lacklustre in that regard…


This could be soooo cool! I want a luxe season! Bling! Crystals! Metallics! Beautiful colors! A very high-fashion dragon aesthetic haha. Like, if Michael Kors, Swarovski, and Versace could design a dragon what would it look like? :star_struck:

Could be really neat! Unfortunately, unless they’re “unearthing” treasure, it’ll probably be some bland-colored earthy stuff that’s been done before. :sob:


Worms live in the ground too… I hope they didn’t revive Merk 3.0… Merk, Merkt, Merktur anyone? :nauseated_face:


I’m working on a letter riddle like last season, but cannot promise that it get used :sweat_smile:


You’re awesome, thank you! :relaxed: Let me know if you get it done, I’m rooting for you !


I put your name in it :laughing: if it get used u can search after it gets published and may it not get used I’ll post it after the whole reveal and u still have something to search for :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I miss when the dragons all visually felt like they fit a similar theme with the season. Lately they all just feel like a randomly generated group in a multiplayer game


The season themes lately seem to have been a little more complicated for a solid aesthetic for all dragons I suppose. You can’t win every time.

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Don’t you know it’s just an excuse? The only de-buff dragon that based on player’s data is Nockmar. We don’t even know if that “PLAYER DADA” really exists.

The Unchained dragons seem pretty cohesive with the broken chains, ghostly hands, and metal bindings.


Fair enough, but I want more pretty things… if Barbend didn’t have a gold and green Loki skin it would be rather dark and dirty.

I just love pretty dragons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

To be honest I couldn’t for the love of Mehaten remember the name of the season lol…


The data pulled from a select group isn’t going to be the same as the data pulled from a broader majority. The outcome of a handful of players flying a dragon with limited possibilities (defense, etc.) isn’t going to be similar to the outcome of thousands of players flying and defending against it in a more widespread environment. There is much more room for error when more people are involved.

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Oh oh, the autumn season might get named Uncontinoued :see_no_evil::rofl::joy:


I don’t know why, it’s reminds me of Surt

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Ooooo you know what would be kinda nice, relating to this, if this new season the dragons kinda had their own style but still fit the theme.

Like if we have a dark type of dragon…maybe mark it like a skeleton or a zombie type of thing. Like a dark version of what unearthed could mean.

For earth type in general maybe do the gemstone dragon mentioned below

This just my thought though. I just think that it would be cool, each element of dragon could have their own version of what unearthed means for the type.

It would be like this below in a way but not at the same time.

They will do a diamond dragon to satisfy the elite. Symbolism and all. Can’t wait. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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When will we find out more? :eyes:


ALL of you guys should very well know by now…after Gals departure, PG will wait for thee, absolute last, minute before posting any of the new seasons goodies! plucks ashes and sips tequila with vigor


I really miss PGCrisis and Arelyna era…it was the best my time in game.
Still I remember them, they did a great job.