Summer Sigil Lines speadsheet

No changes to last season so far, except a key was added to the mission boost. And the key redemption line was added.



Yay, bookmarked. :smiley:

It should be noted that the Discounts (dragon and base boost) still have the first 20 prizes doubled, so you actually get more resources like 134 gold chests instead of 119 for Krelos, and 125 instead of 115 gold chests for the base boost, if my mental calculations are correct :sweat_smile:


I completely miss the part about adding a key :weary:

Added the new Howitzer line.

Mostly identical to last season, but a few prizes have been dropped to make room for extra bars. The line lost 40 gold chests, 2800 embers and 1000 pearls, and gained 22950 electrum bars.

Altogether still very much a line worth getting, especially since all timers are still there.

edit: Note that the running total count of bars may seem lower than it was in spring, but that’s because the extra bars added to prize 11 aren’t picked up by my simple addition script.


Thank you very much for this! Been waiting (patiently) for it. :blush:

Damn I really liked the extra gold chests :unamused:


The sigil cost in line 11 for Howitzer line is incorrect. It might be better to list Electrum Bars for this line and have “AND 45x 12h timers” in the “Alternative” column. And line 14 is also incorrect.

I quickly scanned the whole table and didn’t spot other issues.

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Well spotted, I had moved the large amount of bars but failed to move the cost along with it. Should be fixed now.

Thanks for the quick reaction.

Hey man thanks for the hard work. I am coming back after about a year break. Seasons have changed quite a lot. I was wondering as a e2p player what is the recommended savings to have for a mythic at the beginning of each season? How are you organizing yourself for success throughout the seasons?
Thanks again for the work :slight_smile: