Summerflare Dragon Evaluations

I was hoping to have one place to look to for reference when my teammates inevitably ask, “How is xxx?” My mind was made up at the beginning of the season (125% tokens and complete defensive rider since we don’t have Atlas), so I’ve not chosen one for myself to test and give an educated opinion.

On paper, the discount Sorcerer is okay if someone took advantage of the discount, the Hunter is not very good, and the Mythic Warrior had a great deal of potential until it was, ah, “adjusted”.

As for the next batch, the Warrior looks like it’s viable against a medium base with a soft front, and the Sorcerer has a lot of good qualities, perhaps even viable as a lead.

Can those with any of these dragons chime in please?


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In my view.

Discount sorcerer is useless unless you win through raw stats. I can’t recommend this dragon in the slightest outside of prizes.

The hunter isn’t bad. It’s avyx with some tweaks. The dot is irrelevant but the damage amp is nice. Think of it as avyx with a white talon frenzy with a cool down, and a revive instead of healing mark. The thing with him is if you have avyx, why do you need another variant? They do the same thing. If you have aibrean, do you need something that does the same job? If you don’t have a cleanup dragon or something with a damage amp then this isn’t a bad shout at all. (There are some things I wish they did differently to him to make him unique like making the dot increase in strength per shot like heatstroke getting worse as you stay in the sun. Give you the choice of spreading a light dot and relying on the amp or picking one threatening tower and really shredding it)

Mythic. It doesn’t look viable late game. It’s an awesome idea but I just feel numbers don’t back it up and hammer spam will ruin it. Saying that it likely isn’t tragic at lower levels. But by no means is it anything to write home about.

The warrior looks ok. A fun concept I actually really like. However I feel a solid kill island with take him out early as the damage early will make taking out hammered towers hard. As a follow or with a rage drain island he really isn’t tragic. I would say he is a better version of leos with similar weaknesses. Likely stronger than leos as a whole.

Sorcerer. This one… I’m torn. I want to love it as I love drain tanks and hunters. Dark flak resist saves it to an extent but it does have a major weakness in that it has very few ways to really take a base down outside of siphon. Once that is used and on cool down you have your attacks and shadow dispersal which isn’t going to take anything remotely well levelled very quickly. That and if there is a decent fire flak and a storm you are potentially in a little trouble. Double flak that doesn’t include a dark flak and things get nasty. But… red cloak spell with a pseudo death gaze. I feel it has potential as a follow. Not spindra level potential by any stretch of the imagination but still.


Why do you consider Coatl to be so bad? I’m a newer player and he’s my only seasonal divine (got Tanok though).

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He does not have a one shot spell unlike many others. Thunderbolt is okay but at towers that are equivalent to the dragon, thunderbolt cannot one shot those towers. Adaptive resist is a nice thing to have and definitely a plus. Main weakness - Cannot dodge mage shots. No one shot spell.

Mistborn20 talks about the dragons at a high level with defenders. But at your level (if your lower) any divine is good and fun to use. Don’t worry about picking the right war dragon for now. Just have fun

The main reason is he is so rage reliant with no ways of doing anything if he is rage drained.

If he comes up against an island with mages and a storm then thunderbolt can’t kill the mages before he gets rages drained. Once that happens he has nothing but his normal attack and adaptive resist which won’t fill his rage fast enough.

Don’t get me wrong adaptive resist helps somewhat. But comparing to equestor who has a familiar that damages even rage drained, and he has passive rage regen with the flexibility of extract essence it’s a little bit of a drop in the ocean.

Spindra as another example has sacrifice and a white spell that guarantees tower destruction plus a shield. This dragon was arguably one of the best sorcerers ever.

The latest one has a almost guaranteed one shot spell with the sacrifice and the red cloak.

They all have ways to regain rage or continue doing reasonable damage without rage.

I’ll admit I have a anti sorcerer bias as even these good sorcerers tend to be far weaker than other options (spindra excluded. Much love to spindra. The one spider I regret not having). At lower levels this matters less and if you are really new honestly you can make most things work. It’s just the later you go the more these things matter


i got the 100% boost, thanok first pg and nal first pg. then i went for now first page tez which ill finish the second page as season goes on… outa sigils now lol

tez at level 9 with 8-9 mill attack boosted with rider and gear is taking bases with 17 mill def defended and finishing solo at 80%+ … he is a solid warrior. very fun to play and IMO is the best dragon in the season… (besides huitzil)

I hope the festive dragon is good please


All dragons are wack at the end game level. As a newer player all of them can be useful to you.

I went for 125%, def rider, rider, and will get festive for shits and giggles. I also got Coatl during discount period all the way to his harb stone just for chests/eggs and other resources. Didn’t even incubate him.


How evil!!!
Incubate him fast!
And let him sleep in the Den…
(I hatched mine, but never take him out)


:thinking: hmm is it better for the dragon to never have been born, or to be born but never get to fly? :thinking:


If i incubate anything I need to expert it as all my dragons are expert. :man_shrugging:

So no way I’m incubating that crap.


:see_no_evil: I need to give my Drude some more love then…


I’m in the same boat but I put a time restriction on myself in that they need to be experted before next breeding event so I can focus on the new dragons I’m getting :see_no_evil:

Majority of my Harbs are den capped, I cannot incubate my Vanguard due to my level…



Right there with you. Pg is savage.

It depends on what tier he’s in :joy: I never bothered training Kirin or Nydryr but I use both of them to help clear out my roster when I’m just removing a couple of dragons to leave only ember. But since the dragon in question is in orange tier… that’s not as helpful :laughing:

I don’t lose time experting all my drags. But I hatched them all eventually for the sake of feeding :wink: Kirin is now sapphire :astonished: And coatl an expert platinum :rofl:

Bumping this since I was hoping there would be more posts from this season’s dragon owners. Appreciate those that have given input thus far :grinning:

The only input we don’t have right now is the festive one, which will be revealed prior to next pvp event…

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Not this coming week? :frowning: