SummerFlare dragons what do people think of this summers hunter?

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Heres a link to the original thread with the summerflare dragons in it. Lmk what you think of this summers hunter below. if you think the (maleific/warrior>hunter) spell would be good for a hunter or just what your thoughts are on it.

It’s average. Nothing special.

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I’m not impressed with it tbh. Really happy that I got Fomhar last season.

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I’m not impressed that much. I hope that the defensive rider and the next wave of SummerFlare dragons are better

The art design for all the dragons and portraits is amazing though!

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I think it has a really high skill cap for a not so impressive dragon… probably great on undefended bases

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I think the artwork for it is beautiful. Whoever did it needs to be given coffee service at the office for a while.

It’s inferior to avyx.

  1. Dot is helpless against hp boost and hammers. It is only helpful for people who are not used to burst damage of hunter.
  2. HM is much more flexible and usable in most of situation compared to everlasting hunt.

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