Summerflare Rewards (per path) and cost (Spreadsheet)

Hey there everyone,

I created a spreadsheet with all known rewards for the Summerflare season so far, and what they cost. I already claimed some of the first breeding token rewards, so I cannot gain the sigil cost for these anymore. I did fill in the ones i could still get.

I will update it once the rider information gets released.

Here is the link:

Also the sigil cost for Huitzil seems a bit weird, most are 400, but then they go up to 600 for evolution stones and drop to 100 for the sapphire evolution stone. then 200 for the garnet. And then 700 for the obsidian?

I suspect this may be because PG wants to equalize the number of sigils required to claim Huitzil to platinum, and then from there to harbinger…despite the fact that getting stones to plat has always been cheaper than plat-harbinger for all past season dragons. Take a wild guess at the reasons behind this. .-.

Thank you for the spreadsheet, by the way, it will be very useful :heart_eyes:

Edit: Hey, spreadsheet access is restricted :"(

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No problem :wink: If ytou have the cost for the boost rewards 1-11 for me I can update them, because sadly I already claimed them before I made the spreadsheet so i have no way to get the correct cost for these rewards

You mean the token boost?

Let me check…

Edit: Token boost cost for prizes 1 through 7 is 150 sigils each, 250 sigils each for 8, 9, and 10, and 11 costs 300 sigils

Basically, prizes 1-14 mirror the costs of prizes 15-28, since they’re identical.


Alright, thanks. I have updated them in the sheet :slight_smile:

psst…your spreadsheet’s telling me I need permission to access it…have you reconfigured your sharing settings yet?

ah, sorry I forgot to make it shareable. Access should be public now.

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The sheet has been updated. See the changelog in the sheet for additional information on what has changed.

Noticed my summary had some faulty copying, so I rectified that. Sorry if you copied it right after i updated it. It is now fixed (Coatl discounted and Coatl normal)

green evolution cost is wrong for coatl and Cuauhtli.

Thanks for sharing this!

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Thanks for notifying me. I have updated the cost in the sheet to show the correct values

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