Summerflare (Summer Season) Stream Notes + Vanguard Tier + Temple Raid


Untrue, paging @Sam to evaluate shirtlessness levels and how they stack up against Fang, Othos, and Gustav. I can see a comparative advantage in the two chest-strap approach over the one-strap used by Othos, despite the trade-offs in additional coverage, but I’ll leave this matter to more expert opinion.


Anyone know if the down construction stacks with atlas defense rider?


Base-wide boosts will only select the highest boost.

Echo explains here:


And that settled it. My perch dragon is Fire, so i will get the full 2 pages!


Let me see …

This is my pick … no coverage please :drooling_face:

Edit: Do you think those gorgeous abs are real? :eyes:


Not unless they make a special exception or changed their mind:


Why has the sigil drop rate reduced so dramatically for the start of the season? I’m averaging 45 sigils per good chests. And I’ve opened close to 300 since the beginning.


Bad luck? RNG spares none…


added flying competition results :stuck_out_tongue:


When will we know the Tanok’s stats ?




Thank you and the promotion of Coatl is until tomorrow included?


Ya, whatever time the event ends tonight, you have 24 hours after before the event/season tab/discount for the sorc goes away.


Do you think Coatl is good for half price ?
I would like to take the rider full (I don’t have Atlas)
But I’m not sure to finish a drag without promotion. I have actually 7875 sigils and I can to have until price 44.


Without knowing a lot about your situation, I would say that prize 44 is right before garnet stone, and really the appeal of discount goodies is the gold chest corner before and after emerald stone.
I’d honestly recommend getting the 100% egg bonus and then the rider and gear since you don’t have atlas.


I’m at level 103, and after event fortifications next week I will be at level 114. I have Chimerak and kirin At obsidian and Fomhar at harbinger with Oksana full. I have already have bonus token 100%.
I will have the rider full for sure, but I’m not sur to have rider + drag full without discount.


Yea, you’re not gonna miss anything with this sorc. I mean, it could technically work if you go through with fom and take out all blues, but there are better finishers out there.
I don’t think a non atlas player wants to miss out on a def rider, but we’ll see what the stats are tomorrow.


Yes I will waiting tomorrow for stats. And I will decide after if I will go to coatl or not.
Thank you for your answer


Hopefully the rider’s stats are revealed in time for you to make a choice and still get the sorcerer on sale if that’s what you decide to do.


Rider on sale for 2 weeks. So you should be able to easily get the sigils for that in 2 weeks. I’d do as much of the sorc now as possible.