Summerflare (Summer Season) Stream Notes + Vanguard Tier + Temple Raid


I’m hoping the sorcerer is decent.

But I’m not holding my breath. :hugs:


@forScience profuse apologies for noob ignorance, but will the festive dragon be part of the summer season and use sigils to attain it? :pray: BTW I did search for this, but maybe I missed something.


Yes the festive dragon will be part of the season and will have a similar branch to all of the other dragons in the season.

Typically (not for sure this time) they start from Red tier up to Max tier (harbinger in this case) and the prizes are a wee bit different overall, but a very similar premise of trading in summerflare sigils for items & dragons/evolution stones


Thank you.


Yep, mech is right, and it does start in red tier, which is why the icon is red. :slight_smile: All the prizes you see in that second image up above use Summerflare sigils, as mech replied.


Ok, people are going back and forth about Zotz. But for me the big question is does syphon strike even do enough damage to take out a typical tower in one strike? I am terrible at running the numbers on this. For example, is an Obsidian Zotz going to be able to take out level 60 farms with syphon strike? I mean, if this is just going to do partial damage and defenders can hit it with a hammer, what’s the point?!? A white spell is great and all but for TWO RAGE when it only affects one tower and it isn’t even guaranteed to take out the one tower?!?
The healing is nice but I need this spell to take out high level towers to do me any good. Can anybody run some numbers for me?

  • Farms base HP
    Lvl60: 7,74M
    Lvl65: 15,7M

  • Zotz base DPS
    Obsidian lvl48: 2,38M
    Harbinger lvl60: 4,99M

Syphon Strike “Deals 20 times normal attack damage to target tower.”

If the number used is the DPS, then Syphon Strike from Obsidian Zotz deals 47,6M damage, enough to kill a +300% boosted lvl65 farm (imagine all research, monument boost, mythic warrior and full Elite gear someday).

@SavageAFforPG and/or @Sandberg can you confirm what number is used for Syphon Strike math please?


At vacation currently. So i cant atm


An obsidian zots till take out an obsidian tower.


Zotz has actually surprised me. I don’t like sorcerers but it’s actually pretty fun to fly at lvl 9.

Noticed a mistake with its mythic glyph in the line though @PGCrisis




I just did some testing on Samhrad. I have him because I went for the Veteran Rider last season, but I only use him on the invader base. Summer’s Purification is supposed to do 40% Base HP damage and I have a level 47 Sam. With him fully boosted, he doesn’t kill level 60 towers (I just tried him on the first island on Andy). Since Summer’s Purification is twice as strong as Zotz’s syphon strike spell, I’m going to go ahead and say that Zotz is not going to be helpful to me.

I get that for those who are at end-game where all towers are in the same tier as your dragon, you think we should be fine with only beating towers within our tier. Afterall, you don’t have to deal with any towers that are higher than your current tier. But the truth is that in the lower levels there is no such thing as a base with towers “all in one tier”. Though bases around my level aren’t going to be filled with level 60 towers, most will have a few. And those level 60s are the ones I will want to take out with a single shot spell.

Even with some healing back, I can’t see the charm in having to use 4 rage to take out a single tower. :woman_shrugging:


Siphon Strike still heals you even if you don’t destroy the tower in one cast, yes? :t_rex:


I’m lost. How do you figure base hp * 0.4 = base damage * 20 * 2?


Eh? :eyes:


Thaaaaank you.


See, I told you I’m terrible with doing the numbers!! :joy::joy::joy:
That and I’m having trouble finding the posted values every time I go back to look for them. lol
You’re right. I was thinking it was 20X and 40X but it’s 20X and 40% big difference obviously. :joy:
I’m gonna have to go back to waiting for someone to verify the numbers for me to see if 20x will actually take out towers… :woman_facepalming:


Lv 47 Sam
Hp < 15,6M, 6,24M

Lv 42 Coatl (Zotz should be the same)
Dps > 1,7M , 34M

Syphon Strike is about 5x stronger.


Honestly, I don’t know what confirmation you are still waiting for, after Gox affirmed it from experience and I presented simple math proof that Zotz’s Syphon Strike spell one-shot kills towers even above it’s current tier.


Can siphon hit two tower at a time if aim correctly, like sand?