Summerkai 2nd Event: Fort (aka Next Event Question)

Anyone know what the next event should be? I have a bunch of gold chests and I need elemental ember from fortification but I also don’t want to miss the half off discount.

90% it will be fort.


Ooooooo! I hope so! :smiley:


Like 98% if they somehow created a new minor event lol :100: % if they didn’t

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U don’t know rotation as of yet :roll_eyes::flushed:

99% Fort

I am NOT ready for fort. I still haven’t gotten most of the timers I used from last fort. :grimacing:

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It will be Fort and this time PG is thinking about reducing mills to 1/2 output to “balance” the boost from last time. :slight_smile:

You know, I’d call some of you overly pessimistic, but at this point anything goes :rofl:


Abuse any critter long enough and they come to expect it… /cringe


calls SPCA preemptively

I do expect it to be fort, though. My shittiest fort yet this year, to match the crappiest season!

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Amen, Amen, and Amen.

I’m used to doing 20 - 40 levels each event. That won’t happen with the timer nerfs and refusing to spend because of the bugs and nerfs. My worst fort ever in the history of playing this game.

I still remember being level 6 for, like, a month, because I guess I forgot how to gain Xp. :joy::rofl: I did a lot of stupid things when I was beginning to get into seasons and stuff.


I really do hope they stick to the cadence and it will be fort.
I’m on the opposite was doing 8, or 12 levels tops if I’m lucky in the past, but this time I really need to make this jump of 20 lvls go reach lvl 300 :star_struck: so it’s somewhat exciting and going to be one of the best forts ever. I have all rss ready for that, including all those timers from 222 gold chests opened this week.

I’ve yet to replan, to be quite honest :sweat_smile:

Keep in mind that you are coming from being a big spender.

Every fort I’ve had (except 1) has been 4M points or under. And up until I was L200 I only did 720k fort events.

So you are being “brought down to our level” and frankly I’ve been happy at our level for years. You are just antsy lol


A more relaxed pace might not be the worst thing that happens to me next week.


Im excited for this upcoming fort. Hitting 360 is critical so it’s going to be a grind. It’s going to be really close on speedups. This will be the highest I’ve scored in a fort event though so that will be cool… but watch the glyph be something garbage like lightning or archer tower atk.


Have very little interest in playing competitively anymore. The next three forts after this one will look similar. I guess Meth and Tuk can wait three months.



My next breed is Mythic Garnet (A&A).
Am I overleveled? :eyes: