Summerkai Ending So Soon

Wow, three months went by fast! From earning massive amounts of points in fortification (finishing Summerkai with level 97, also got gold divines) to zipping through tiers in breeding events, this was one of the best seasons for me so far. What was your favorite dragon or rider this season? Did you get a mythic? If so, which one?

My favorite dragon this season was Scorpa, but Dreth comes in close, making it ALMOST a tie. This season was a good one, progress-wise. Next season will be good too. Who’s excited for Wednesday?

It went by so fast, but it’s time to say goodbye to Summerkai, and hello to Withermoon! Hope next season is as great as it already seems


You got a good system going man. I’m going for a mythic next season, but the catch is that I have nothing right now :joy: so what I’m gonna do is get 10K sigils in the fort event (should be easy because of flaks) and 5K in the second event, then there’s the discount.

For the second key, I’ll try to get 3K-5K sigils every event this season. These sigils will go towards the invoker, Sho-Groth.

To get the third key, I’ll have rubies saved up for super sigil chests. I’ll have to divide 150K by 12 since there’s 12 events a season. My result will be how many rubies I need per event this season.

I may skip the festive this season, but if the spells look REALLY good, I’ll try to double my efforts and try to get at least the sapphire stone on the festive.

  • After this point tho, I’m gonna save chests and rubies for four whole seasons!
  • Also, the mythic I’m going for is Narlyth, the hunter.

I bred my way through sapphire, already progressing through garnet, hit the 200s, finally maxed out an entire dragon branchfor the first time, and finally got a so-so replacement for Zotz. This season was a good one for me


:rofl: Well played


I’m not sure what forum rules this breaks, if any, but I’d feel so much better to see some sort of /s tag or sarcasm emoji :see_no_evil:


Sorry! @x2ndSucksx No rules broken for kicking ass! Don’t get down on yourself a lot of people can’t do it!

It saddens me that the community that helped the new E2P players learn how to save resources to play at an effective level now are intentionally misleading the newer players so they can’t understand why they do they same as you but never finish the discount dragon in the first 2 weeks.

But if you insist on it, I now know who to send everyone who insists we must be lying about spending to :blush:


Namaka dont really have a favorite and breed abmysal tier got all 4 mythic defense gear as wel as have 3/4 maxed


My account got unbanned about 1 month from the end so with serious grinding all I got was no evolve stones chelanoth and fire fin and the Indian looking rider I frogot his name

um u got 3 different things… that’s the problem

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Mythic? You mean Elite? :joy:

Also nice! And congrats dude!

Ano? :joy:

I got Dreth during the discount and didn’t get far because the first two events weren’t good. I have it 70 days but I only managed to get the platinum stone. When the season said 20 days, I went for Scorpa because I wanted adaptive resist. I completely gave up on Dreth at that point.

No i mean mythic gear! Mythic gear is atlas season only :roll_eyes: which swapping out my max elite gear for max mythic


Omg get over yourself! Everyone clearly knew it was a joke including yourself.
Some people can turn nothing into a big deal :roll_eyes:

I’m saddened for you if that really saddens you.

oops was responding to someone else, nice job this season :v:

The people who knew better, the OP certainly did not realise you were joking

As I originally said nothing wrong with the sarcasm just make it clear that’s what it is

We’re supposed to help people on the forums are we not? I thought that was their entire purpose :thinking:

Perhaps I missed the memo where it turned into everyone trying to outwit and out troll each other, whilst scaring people away from asking questions or voicing their opinions

I don’t know about you but I’m getting bored of seeing the same people joking amongst themselves and days going by with no new content on the forums. I’m trying to encourage some sort of positivity that’s all.


Oh that’s fine. Thanks!

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