Summerkai Season Launch Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask questions regarding the Summerkai Season’s upcoming launch.

Just a heads up

Copy paste error from cloak I assume


I’ll be going for the defense rider for sure.
And the discount.
Then wait for the rest of the season to come out.


This is incorrect; this is cloak’s description. Enshroud will always have the cd regardless of whether it goes full durations, and blue does not interrupt it.


Updated Enshroud’s description.


So compared to Tanok am I right that the HP/AP stats are about 5% more for this new one?

Edit, nope my tanok only HP 13 AP 10.2 (because I chose the lower path) so 8 / 9% better

Eyes is it better then lorenzo?

Looks like I’m going for Dreth and Dreth only. If I finish his branch, then I’ll see what I can get by then. But for now, only Dreth as he’ll make an excellent replacement for Zotz

Yay on that defensive rider, 21/19 is pretty nice. I just hope they dont make us waste too many skill points getting the rss/construction skill. I feel much better about not getting Angel Justin Bieber from this atlas season as long as we’re not forced to get all 3 of those skills

Rather disappointed to see a mythic warrior has basically the exact same runes as a discounted legendary warrior like Cav.

Also, I notice this time they didnt give us stats on the runes/glyphs like they did for the spring reveal


Tanok: [13atk / 13hp] could actually get [13atk/11hp] or [10.8atk/13hp]
Lorenzo: [15.5 atk / 17 hp] could actually get [12.5 atk / 17 hp] or [15.5 atk / 14 hp]
Lelani: [21 atk / 19 hp], unknown what you can actually get


I think mythic warrior is really good (no changes this season like the springblossom). good job pg on lookwise (loved most part of the season).

thanks, I actually screwed up and used my “extra” points on the first “alternate” attack / HP rather than using on the second one.

Live and learn I guess. More reason to go for the new def rider.

I did very much enjoy Kagney’s umm… growl? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Great cc/subtitles


I can get 11/13 on Tanok, but how do you get 13/11? Best I got was 13/10.8.


You’re right, I typed that wrong thought it would be 10.8 / 13 if you’re doing atk/hp

No worries, just checking I didn’t miss a trick there.

one question , if one of the dragons DRETH OR SCORPA , will be used as Perch dragon , will it have the mythic empyrean stone stats or legendary ?

They are not mythics and not warriors, why would you put them on a perch?


kinnarus wasnt the mythic but it evolved till mythic emerald