SummerKai Season Stream Notes & Abyssal in 2nd Post

I never complained when the cost of a mythic went from 1250 to 1375 (well, maybe I grumbled a little, but I understood). But going from 1375 to 2600 is not inflation; it’s highway robbery!


I also find that the new prices are exaggerated! I am one of the players who have a lot of tokens. But I did not have one at a time … it’s more than two years of savings, choice of dragons. When I read that players have nothing to breed … I always get the 1200 sigils. When they came out empyrean, I made the first dragon and then I stopped. And at the next event, I did another one.
It’s not our fault if players want the 6 dragons directly! If with the new prices, there are still players who take all the dragons directly … you will still raise the prices? Modify the research room that stops at sapphire instead!

When I read the new prices, I told myself that all my efforts will be annihilated!

Me, I never complained of having tokens and I bring points to my team.

There, I’m disgusted … I tell myself that it’s a game, that I’m here to have fun … that there are a lot of barriers in the game like fragments, level, timers … and now, you add that to us.

Okay I’ll have the abyssal … and after? For some players who complain about having token, I will be slow in my evolution … if they are annoying, they ask that we reset their games lol … they will be able to spend a lot of token

I’ll finish by #DontTouchMyToken


The smarter thing for PG to have done would have been just to include invokers in the Tier cycle
(175k x 6=1.05M tokens) + (325k x 3= 975k tokens)=2.025M token per tier

With invokers
(175k x 8=1.4M tokens) + (325k x 3= 1.3M tokens)=2.7M token per tier

From there if people still had too many tokens, incrementally change the frag cost, for example

But…that would require work…

But arbitrarily doubling the price of the tiers just reeks of greed


Drums… Here comes the unofficially answer from PG:

" "

Why the cost of the new tiers should ever grow? It could be the same cost, then tier-based discount is applied to all N-x tiers - 10% to N-1, 15% to N-2 or smth like this. Available resources are almost not increasing with level growth. The only increasing part are tokens from missions, but that is the lowest part of total tokens player could gain. Total is limited by season branches, atlas branches and castles, prizes from events (different in leagues, but still) - nothing from this scales with level. So, sooner or later, if the token price will grow for tiers, any player will lack tokens. Unless, of course, you buy rubies - but even then the game will turn into constant grinding to convert rubies to tokens. The higher tier, the more grinding will be required. This is a dead end.

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Thanks for all of the feedback provided here. We’ve been reading it all. We appreciate that this is an important topic, and we’ll try to clarify some common questions.


To help understand how we approached our decision-making process for Abyssal Tier breeding costs, it makes sense to briefly summarize PG’s overall goals for the progression system.

  1. Challenge & Prestige: Maintaining a presence at the end-game with the most powerful dragons and towers available should be very difficult and prestigious. This challenge is intentional and expected.
  2. Accessibility: The further the relative distance from the end-game, the larger the group of players that should be able to keep pace or make forward progress based on their chosen level of engagement.

It follows that when a new tier is released, said new tier needs to carry costs that achieve goal #1 while existing tiers warrant cost adjustment in order to achieve goal #2.

What this DOES mean:

  • Abyssal Legendaries will require 1400 egg fragments, and Abyssal Mythics are currently planned to carry a similar ~60% fragment increase relative to Empyrean Mythics. Based upon the rate at which elder players are earning breeding tokens, this is necessary to achieve an appropriately challenging end-game.
  • New Sapphire-tier research will be made available simultaneously with Abyssal tier’s launch to give players the opportunity to convert breeding tokens into other permanent bonuses.
  • We will be rolling out an update to tier-based discounting simultaneously alongside the launch of Abyssal tier. Discounting will be extended to affect up to Vanguard Tier breeding parents (which includes some Empyrean children) and improves discounts on a number of already discounted Tiers.

What this does NOT mean:

  • This does NOT mean that mid-game players should be expected to accrue end-game amounts of breeding tokens in order to keep up their progress, or that the road towards end-game has become much longer than before. For players who are not currently at or near the end-game, we encourage you to look at the Abyssal costs through the lens that those costs likely won’t be the same when you are ready to begin breeding those dragons.
  • This also does NOT mean that all future end-game tiers will necessarily follow a predetermined pattern of 60% breeding token cost escalations. Our intention is to use game data to determine appropriate content costs that maintain end-game challenge and prestige independently for each new tier release, while tailoring tier-based discounting values as needed to improve accessibility of existing tiers.

Further details on research and Tier-based discounting will be available in the Abyssal Tier launch blog coming next week.

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@PGReive @Arelyna

Nearly doubling the egg token cost is unacceptable. It’s ridiculous. Just because some whales go overboard and have nothing to breed doesn’t make it OK to burn the rest of your customer base.


Thanks for the detailed explanation which is at least a reply but does not solve one single item where a lot of respected players raised their concern and explained in detail why this might not be a good decission for most of the players. SOLUTIONS solve problems, what you call a solution for a small group of players is creating huge problems for many others.

However, for people like me already through Empyrean Mythic but not an end game player, thus means I will miss goal #1, #2 and beside that with already not enough tokens to be collected to breed the new tier I now get the opportunity to spend into new research, which I am unable to do if I want to get the new Tier by this calender year and in addition will not profit from any discount. Wow.


Translates == difficult and costly

Which I thought I would become and for me this translates to: We messed up so long with the economy that we now need to give you a hard time…or pay us a lot more than you do today to keep pace with the elder players who have so many tokens that we tell you they don’t even care about the increase and will finish research beside all dragons by the end of next Breeding Event.

The message is clear thanks for making my life easier, wallet closed, most likely going to quit.


So, in essence, people who are in my situation (2 empy away from Abysmal and planning to push next fort) should just forget about it and fall behind. Re-plan your season so you spend the bare minimum amount of tokens and just wait for a discount, maybe do new research while you wait too…which apparently they’ve had ready for a while and took a b*tchfest for them to drop it simultaneously.


Once a new tier (or subtier if we split it by rarity too) is released, the dragons are no longer endgame drags. Since it’s the number of frags which is different, what can be done to make sure that the cost is accessible?


This could be done, if they want but I bet 1 mystic fragment that this will only happen per full tier.

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So. What you are saying is you need the whales to run out of tokens so they spend more on breeding?


Have you bothered to look at this from a resource position? Have you looked at the percentage of players you are trying to solve for? Being currently end game and spending what I would consider an exorbitant amount to keep up, with only 800k tokens, I can honestly say this is quite literally now a 500 dollar per week spend requirement to keep up as an average… is 300 a week not prestigious enough? Or are we looking at an eventual 2k per week? I ask because I am honestly ready af to quit before this continues down the rat hole MZ took GOW… I will never again go to that level for a mobile game. Additionally with the ember and timer shortage yall have made it so in about 6 months even end game folks will have to double max fort to even possibly keep up. With ~30 levels added to level den each tier, the increased cadence (yeah I noticed) and 12m points netting 4 levels you should be able to see how this plays out.


Translation, PG is only catering to the big spenders and F the rest of the players.


Okay then I am far from endgame with 11m and 4 levels… :wink:

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That explanation did nothing but to convince me to stop spending, play my alts and bring my main 400 and 500 level accounts back later behind the discount bubble. Too expensive for my budget.


Its absolutely hilarious that you have offered massive discounts to players to “return” to the game and you cannot seem to grasp why they quit. Meanwhile we suffer increased costs and more bugs, glitches, crashes, and lag. The total absurdity is that you cannot seem to sum 2+2…


Yeah let’s see how that develops for PG in net Cashflow as all other languages fail.


Typical PG. ignoring the challenge new players face, in order to appease the small percentage of whales and early grinders that managed to get to endgame while the mew tier pass was slower. Now everyone else is left scrambling and struggling to be relevant.

They want players to condense into fewer teams which throws more and more lower levels into higher leagues that have no chance of surviving in without constant assistance from bigs.

Thanks for the giant middle finger to new players, @PGReive . I’ll take the hint and never spend another dime. Not worth it given the absolute insult you all just sent us. :ok_hand:


Thank you for the honesty. At least now it was put into words.

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