SummerKai Season Stream Notes

All specific details on stats and such will be in the blog post, typically the Tuesday after the preview streams.

Streams & Official Posts

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SummerKai Season Structure

  • The dragons and riders are based around the Island Nations, tribes of seafaring elves and humans.
  • The egg token boost is 3.15K sigils for 100% and 6.3K for 125%.
  • Anything connected to the mythics will have a key. The Egg Token Boost and Festive Dragon won’t have keys.
  • The structure is largely staying the same, other than the base boost being available at the start (see its section below in Week 1) and something that isn’t a branch detailed next week in the Tuesday blog. There’ll be a defensive dragon rider first on release; the second one will be an offensive dragon rider.

Week 1/On Launch (facebook, YouTube)

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  • These are listed in the order seen in the season structure starting from the upper left to right, then going down a row. Mythic dragons don’t have portraits.
  • Week 1 doesn’t include the Legendary Warrior, second rider, or Festive Dragon.
  • Lore & Portraits have their own section at the end.

Namaka - Mythic Empyrean+ (future tier) Ice Invoker

  • Cresting Wave is a red spell but pink on-screen just to save your eyes.
  • Invoke: Freeze - when activated, performs like a breath attack (don’t need to separately tap a spell to activate) that has a freeze effect (impacted by stun, as it disables the breath attack, but not mages)
  • Deflecting Gale - like a combination of Dodge and Flash, though multiple ticks of damage, and reloads ammo (mentioned verbally, not in on-screen notes); protects from the same things as Flash (only vulnerable to lightning, storm, ice turret, fire turret super shot)
  • Havok will be disabled on Namaka, not necessarily all Invokers.
  • Future Invokers will be available as legendaries and future lineage tiers as well, but Invokers won’t be retroactively added.
  • Remember Ryuu will be temporarily replaced with Namaka, detailed here in the last section, “Take Flight with the New Invoker”.
  • There was also a twitch stream detailing Invokers.

Meglok - Mythic Empyrean+ (future tier) Earth Warrior

  • Apex Predator - cycles between Primordial Breath (boosts breath power) and Primal Shield (“super powerful white explosive shield”)
  • Tangling Kelp - similar to Jorm’s Flash Freeze

Dreth, Legendary Earth Empyrean Sorceror (Discount)


  • Hydrostrike has no rage cost.

Scorpa, Legendary Fire Empyrean Hunter


  • Caustic Spines: The increased damage bonus doesn’t carryover to the next dragon.

Leilani - Defensive Dragon Rider

  • Skills will affect: Increased Tower HP, Increased Tower Attack, Increased Mill Production, Increased Food Production, Decreased Building Upgrade Time
  • Elemental Crafting Shard Options: Earth, Ice, Fire
  • from the Island Nations

Base Boost

  • The SummerKai boost will be available on the first day of the season and functions the same as in Springblossom, other than duration, which will just last for the SummerKai season.
  • Max stackable boost: 22%
    • Anyone who claimed the full Springblossom boost will see no additional benefit, just won’t have any drop in the boost, assuming that the SummerKai boost is fully claimed before expiration of the Springblossom boost on July 3. Those who only claimed partial boosts would be able to boost up to 22%.

Lore & Portraits

Portraits will continue to have no background options (same claim as the background), outside of animated ones that are only available with a background.

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Week 6: Legendary Warrior & Second Dragon Rider

  • Second Dragon Rider: offensive dragon rider and will be able to fit nicely on Namaka (e.g. not reliant upon hunter/sorcerer/warrior-specific stats)

Week 8: Festive Dragon

  • won’t have a key to be used to unlock mythics


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  • There’s a new event hopefully coming out during the summer season.
  • You’d have to get Kharnyx fired for a dragon to be named Bob.
  • Kharnyx said that there would be something vampire-adjacent in fall.

oh yeah, post 2 for other stream notes placeholders :rofl:


:rofl::rofl: And yay! I’m loving the art for this season :eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Almost taking the 2nd post

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Love this aquatic theme. Hopefully we get some more deep-sea-esque dragons later on in the season.


Lusian makes me think of a demonic gulper eel-head :rofl:

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While true, I won’t be flying him for another year and a half probably. :joy: Heard the festive is “scary but adorable” so I’m holding out for that.

Dragons nowadays have freeze genes in their DNA :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


They didn’t show the wave 2 non-mythic warrior. :slightly_frowning_face:

I actually think the mythic warrior has potential, from the description. However, I am disappointed to see that it’s another earth warrior, since we’re due for a fire or air mythic warrior, not another earth.

I guess I’ll focus on base boost and egg token boost this season. And maybe the festive. :disappointed:

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I knew that there might be a vampire or something related to those bloodsuckers in the fall season. Maybe that season will be my chance to get a replacement for Zotz?

Im pretty disappointed with Meglok. I’ve been waiting to get a good warrior for so long. I missed out on UVS because they waited so long to change his spell and was really hoping this one would be good.

No way to avoid rage drain (if Kelp has a long cool down), no way to recover rage and only dark flak resist? This feels like a legendary dragon, not a mythic. Can we please get Dark Flak resist changed to either Adaptive Flak Resist or Elemental Resist? This kind of feels like a lamer version of Huitzil. Unless the stats end up being really good, I may just get the discount and the defensive and sit it out. Very disappointing



I thought they’d have a super amazing mythic hunter to make people want to spend to get the new shiny as well as a great mythic but I’m glad it was a warrior. I’m saving for Fall mythics and I didn’t want to be tempted.


Waiting on disc sorc info :popcorn:

Thanks, btw!


One things for sure. I’m probably only getting Dreth or Scorpa. Maybe I’ll just get the egg token bonus and save all the chests and rubies for the fall season

It’s up now :slight_smile:

Done w/ both streams


Where did you hear that?

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Ah ok. I didn’t watch the stream