Summerkai Season Wave 2 Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask questions about Chelonoth and Ano here!

week 5 no sign of those famous special branches :face_with_monocle:

Isn’t it week 5?

Discount and 2 riders this season it is


you getting both riders instead of base boost?

Typo :wink:

And yes, base boost isn’t worth it now since it’s only effective for 8/13 weeks and doesn’t overlap seasons.



my bad loll

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I am doing base boost for shards this time and both riders except discount that I did in time . I expect to do an extra branch this time since my team does well in pvp we do get 1.2 k sigils in 11/13 events in season(at least the last two seasons) plus I have 8 prizes left in base boost that I plan to finish very soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :relaxed: Updated!

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@Crisis from when spell flux had a 1 second cooldown ?

Edit: Maybe a typo ?

I’d be down with a warrior with a 1 second spell flux CD :smiley:

Her? I thought Ano was male? :face_with_monocle::rofl:

Ano :joy:. @Arelyna you didn’t help them name it!

Great stats on him.

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Im definitely liking Ano. Im just hoping you can get close to those stats (27% HP, 12% atk, 8% rage). Will need to see his skill tree though. Obviously one of the flak resists will be mandatory and the rage will be at the end.

The warrior seems like another meh dragon. He’s got good defensive abilities but will have a hard time with no reliable form of rage recovery for x2 2 rage spells and a poor damage boosting spell.

my 3rd season in a row of getting the discount dragon and both riders


The warrior looks like the genesis of a good idea, but unless that passive summon also tanks mage shots, he’s in trouble.

Rage drain means no Spell Flux and no Rampage, and no Spell Flux means the blue mage survives - at a minimum - until the storm shield ends. Which means he can’t use his shield, and he’s reliant on the summon and his unboosted basic attack for clearing the blue mage and killing the island. Which…means he’s dead against defenders.

Given that the base boost wasn’t worth it unless you could get it immediately, and the non-discounts were Cuauhtli 2.0 and the Rage Drain Special…yeah. I guess it’s another rider season, though I suppose we’ll see if the festive and the “special branches” are worth anything.

If so, it would be great for Meglok :grin:

I’m waiting the skill tree options in order to choose him or not.


I guess I just always assume warriors & (most) sorcerers are Invader dragons. For an invader dragon, the coral warrior looks pretty solid, especially without an AoE (which is usually my requirement.)

Riders certainly feel like the only option rn – I’m holding out for the festive JIC they do two in a row that are awesome.

I suppose to that, I have to ask “Why would you design - much less buy - a dragon that’s only good for Invader bases, when you can have one that’s good for PvP?”

After all, basically everything in the game - from collecting dragons, to leveling the base, to Atlas - serves the goal of being better in PvP.

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My main reasons would be:

  1. No better option exists (read: viable hunter to invest in)
  2. Gold mining takes up a lot of my time, arguably more than PvP
  3. Having a stable of dragons that make gold mining easier allows me to multi-task and mine more gold. ie I’ll watch TV while running Kinnarus or Kyrule thru invader bases and not be distracted from either task.

While I only PvP with hunters, invader can kinda suck with them b/c it’s so boring & rote. With a dragon that has a summon or AoE/freeze, it’s MUCH more tolerable. Before they took away feeding, I would use that time to bank XP on old breeders, so that gave me a purpose/incentive. Now…it’s just boring and one more dumb thing I spend time on to further my progress in the game. I’ll stop before I go on a rant about how much I hate Atlas (outside of the bank & gear.)

Im expecting a layout similar to this. If so then you could only end up with something like 26% HP, 6% atk, 8% rage
21% HP, 11% atk, 8% rage

Hopefully we get something better but Im getting tired of all these skills that cost 5 points per upgrade.