SummerKai: Which Mythic(s) is for you?

Namaka: Ice Element Invoker Mythic…


*Got a way to dodge(White Spell) all incoming Damage and Ss(including Mage and Ice Flak Ss)for a brief time of course.

*Way to heal

*Has a way to freeze(Mid size) towers(Up to 3 but depending where you cast it at you “May” hit 4) with his passive.

*Got a spell(Red) that dose heavy damage in a “small” area.

*Has “Elemental Resist” that reduce all incoming Flak and beam attacks for 50%


*Defenders spamming hammers

*Once he gets mage drain( If flown correctly mage tower shouldn’t be a issue unless poor flying and poor Usage of spells) only thing he can use his his 4th shot to freeze towers.

*Of course Ice Flak Ss, once hit(Can be dodge with his “white” spell)your unable to use her spells for 2-3 seconds.

Meglok: Earth Element Mythic Warrior…


*His 2 in 1 Spell(White), 1st cast increase his breath attack, 2nd cast gives a “Explosive Shield” that once “depleted” will do damage to all towers around him.

*Has a “White” freeze spell that freeze all towers(5 towers+) instantly and mark all the current towers frozen that will take increase damage. That’s where his 2 in 1 Spell comes in to play to deal “Heavy” Damage to the mark towers an on top of that when his shield explodes deals even more damage to the current mark towers.

*Has a way to heal(0 rage blue spell)

*Has Dark Flak resist that reduces 70% of incoming damage “From Only Dark Flaks”


*Ice Flak Ss will hurt him “if” one Manages to hit you.

*Mage towers Ss, once he gets mage drain before he approach a kill island or now a days a long kill island he’s “probably” going to die.

•Defenders spamming hammers of course.

Overall there both “Solid” Mythic(s) to have, whatever one you get just know you can’t go wrong.

If you were looking to get a hunter/sorcerer mythic this upcoming “SummerKai” season just know “Namaka” is one of the New “Class”(Invoker) of dragons that are “Hybrids” between a Hunter and a sorcerer.

You can fly “Namaka” the first 2 weeks of SummerKai by simply defending “5” times to fly him “if” you are “Skeptical” of picking him over the warrior. He “will” be “Scaled” to your lv, if anyone was wondering if he was going to be weak like the shrine dragon.

If you prefer “warriors”, then I highly suggest you get him over “Namak”. It all comes down to your “Preference” of play style.

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Definitely Namaka. I want the shiny thing lol


Don’t we all want the new shiny things :joy:

I’ll probably do the shiny new thing too, but I’m going to do a lazy season of just 3 lines… (this season was crazy… I did 5 :see_no_evil:)


I might get Meglok over Namaka to be honest :man_shrugging:t2:, he looks amazing to me.
I would of went for Namaka but unfortunately all my ice gear is on UVS still :pleading_face: an I’m not ready to get rid of him. He’s a amazing warrior :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I actually just recently threw the last of Swann’s skill points into sorcerer HP since I plan on having Swann time share between UVS and Jorm depending on the base :laughing:

Not sure I’d fly Namaka competitively (figuring out who to keep in the roster is HARD) but he/she is pretty and I wants him/her.


5!!! :flushed:
That’s real good you could of got both Mythic’s this season.

Namaka is a awesome dragon to get to :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Say it’s not so!?!?!
UVS is bae 4Life :joy:

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Except one of those lines was Sakura cause I wanted the festive lol.


Oh :sweat_smile: but at least you got the dragon you want, that what really matters :innocent:

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True! But I’ve lusted after Jormy ever since I beta tested him. Giving him good gear once in a while will be a good thing :upside_down_face:


That is indeed something good to do :sunglasses::ok_hand:

When Meglok uses his freeze spell will that freeze all tower Ss in midair?

Errrr, I can’t remember :sweat_smile: Not sure if I’m allowed to answer even if I did remember :zipper_mouth_face: (I’m not sure what PG’s shown yet besides releasing pictures of the dragons and descriptions of the spells.)


Oh, that’s ok :ok_hand:
I was just curious if he did or not :innocent:
I’ll find out next week when pg flys them I’ll ask.


I don’t know enough about how it will pan out, but I’m personally going to get Namaka. I’m not sure it’s the better dragon, but I have confidence a new class will eventually have some value, even if it isn’t the tool I want it to be.

Exactly what that means, I don’t know, but I have faith a 4th class mythic will be useful enough one way or another even if that’s not out of the gate.


You do you :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Pg will fly all the divines and both mythic next week, plus you can test fly Namaka the first 2 weeks of “SummerKai” before making your final decision :innocent:

Im getting meglok on my main :grin:
I want that “white super explosive sheild” :joy:

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I hope they make another mythic “Invoker” after “SummerKai” I will 100% get him.
Namaka to me is like a “Prototype” atm so they will make better ones in the future

Do we all? :joy:

I’m “Hoping” his instant freeze spell works like Jorm/UVS freeze spell where they can freeze Projectiles and mage Ss in midair before he gets hit by them.