Summit 2021: Talks and Panels?

Hello all! The War Dragons Summit is coming in hot, we are in the middle of determining talks and panels and we thought we’d come to the Community to see what you might be interested in learning about from the WD dev team.

Let us know things you would be interested in - we’re just gathering some ideas - so no promises that your talk/panel idea will make it, of course.

We have a few teams that will be able to attend:

  • Art (the visual art of the game)
  • Community/Player Experience
  • Engineering
  • Product Features
  • Events
  • Product Teams (Economy, game balance)
  • Design (how things like dragons and towers are created)
  • Atlas team
  • Content

Your full names, addresses, and social security numbers.

Kidding! I’d honestly just be curious to see how many people work on WD and what they do.


Just because I’m curious/nosey by nature, it would be interesting to see how dragons go from conceptual art to how it’s colors are chosen; and then how it gets to be animated. But, I’m just a dork for the creativity side of things. :grin:


I’d be interested to know how a seasonal theme is decided on and what goes into that. Like is there a lot of talk, do several people come up with a list of ideas or is there more of one central figure that just decides? What teams get involved with deciding a theme? Same with breeding tier themes. What goes into deciding and then designing it. Roughly how long does coming up with a theme, name, logo design take?

Also how many people are involved with designing (not spells but just the look of) 1 dragon. How does a dragon’s concept art get designed. We’ve seen on streams how a 3D model can get created but not the art design or what the process is off stream for making a dragon out of nothing.

I’d also like the name, address, daily schedule and list of greatest fears for whoever keeps deciding to give us back to back repeat mythic elements :joy: :triumph:
Someone needs to get sprayed with spiders
:spider: :spider: :spider:


I’d be interested to know why we can’t have nice things? Or perhaps why the economy is so diluted and broken? Or perhaps why Atlas lag has gotten worse again?

I think that’s between you and your psychiatrist to figure out :man_shrugging: we’re getting plenty of nice things in the game.


Most important question: Where’s all the new Chunk content? Drag someone out to explain this unacceptable lack of new Chunk in our lives.


Agreed. Too many seasons and too little chunk


Oh, you’re in luck - that’s one of the panels we’re definitely doing!


I would be interested in where you guys see this game heading? Is there a long term plan for added content outside of new towers and dragons?


At the low low cost of $119.00 per new tower level. :partying_face:


Yeah I’m with you on this!

I’d love to see how cadence of things like dragon element are considered when “ideation” sessions happen, plus it would be fascinating to learn who decides whether art themes/lore/spell kit balance out.

Time management of running forums and going to meetings and junk.

That’s sarcasm but it doesn’t come across like it because today is rough :sweat_smile:

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Content? Like upcoming war dragons content? Like new season and tier?

Can we get more Helminn’s please? It’s a parasite so there’s probably more of them, it would be nice to get another dragon or person infected by a Helminn parasite!!
What about a WHOLE SEASON based on my lovely Helminn!! Like a zombie infection but with Helminn’s!

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Can’t tell if everyone loves Chunk or if I just see yours and RuRu’s posts too often.


I’m interested in joining

I’ve never understood the odd cult following Chunk has. :woman_shrugging:t3: It’s a blue dragon… what am I missing? :thinking:


Well good news: everyone loves chunk. What about an artisan tier chunk?


I’d be interested to know what set of “new events” (totally new & definitely not a rework of the existing ones) can we look forward to in the next months, years? If there are any. There should be any for both regular & Atlas game.

Are we staying to the current cadence of the Season themed dragons / riders? Or, any plans of changing that cycle?

Give us a glimpse of SWOT analysis from your lens. Lolss :laughing:


This is really tricky to talk about. We’re pretty agile in our development here, which means we change and pivot on ideas when necessary according to what the game needs. If we were to announce something that we want to release a year from now, there is an extremely high chance it won’t look the same by the time players see it. Or that it could be cancelled altogether. We don’t want to tease new stuff and then give you something else instead.