Summon Papa Spell on Hueso

So I did a numerous runs with Hueso and currently have him at Vanguard. His stun white spell is amazing for locking down towers such as Dark Flak, Howeitzer, and any tower that is the most threatening (placing it correctly can hit and stun 3 tower on beginning of islands). But with Summon Papa sadly he just dies waaaay too quick. I understand that this isn’t suppose to be a tank thing sense you can constantly summon him. But the potential that it has with damage is really good but if he can’t survive a shot from one specific tower such as a earth flak then Hueso is left to die with ease. Maybe a little bump up in HP for summon Papa and you got yourself a pretty good dragon because the damage potential is definitely there personally.

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Trust me, Hueso isn’t getting buffed even if you want him to. He has an interesting spell set and has uses-like for fun, lower tiers, and hitting down.

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I would argue that a main line festive which costs a ton to get him to vanguard should at least be viable at tier. Sadly, a lot of legendary dragons this season is trash. Luzok is the only thing that’s pulling this season up for non mythic dragon goers.


Hueso is literally a troll fun dragon, it will never receive a buff as it’s a dragon PG made for us to play around with. Definitely not a serious dragon just something for laughs.


He’s a evolving dragon :man_shrugging: Expect pg to leave some room for growth :crazy_face::sunglasses::+1:

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All seasonal dragons are evolving dragons, not sure where you get the idea this one will work differently.


Ummmm no divine has the ability to achieve multiple tiers beyond the tier they are released under hueso is not your average divine! :man_shrugging: He will continue to gain stones moving forward so I believe he was intentionally designed to be slightly under powered as he will continue to evolve :+1:

Do you think PG would change something like this? Cause I don’t. We have no reason to expect any changes that make a big difference

Except half of the mythics can.

Also, this has nothing to do with what you said, which is


Wether pg is successful at extending the life of divine by allowing it to progress with our meta is yet to be seen nor do i have any real hopes of their success but seeing hueso start as he is offers me hope they may actually have a shot :+1:
Will I get my hopes up ? After years of dealing with pg
ive long ago learned not too :rofl:

If I understand Malik correctly you Morreion need to toss on some reading glasses or something.

Hueso is the first dragon to not have a ceiling in terms of tiered growth. This makes it unique.

In simpler terms.

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The tiers of hueso remains the same!

For example, lets say you are a gold tier player. As you play along you evolve into plat…emerald…and so on. The problem here is that a gold hueso couldn’t take a good gold tiered base effectively…so even if you have infinite shards to level him into any tier as you level up, its effectiveness against same tier bases is not good.

All in all, a bad dragon.

Hue so is plenty strong at lower tiers.
At end game he trash p

I dont think so, you might get that impression cuz most low tier bases aren’t built great. If it is a good maxed gold tiered base, i doubt hueso would be able to clear it.


I respond to what people say, not to what I might guess they could mean if they had said something else. Read again what he actually says.

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Reading it the first time that is the impression I got and due to him liking my post I was correct.

Time to schedule an eye exam, but it might just be a psychologist for reading what’s not there. Either way I wish you the best.

With this and that he will continue growing in tiers PG might want to look past “it’s just a fun festive” and maybe give it a hint of viability?


From someone who has Hueso, at lower levels he is good.
Taco had Hueso In her weekly highlights hitting a much stronger base


After watching the hightlight video yesterday they said all his spells are 1 Rage spells and we see Summon Papa as two rage but yeah overall not really a good dragon unless it’s a short base