Summon primarch garbage

So what’s up with me summoning a primarch. Using timers on it and then my primarch being dead again Because oh wait 5 different people were hitting me. Don’t let me summon if I am under attack and already died. I don’t want to lose anymore timers to this. Seriously give me my stuff back. :triumph:

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Yeah that sucks :disappointed: hopefully they will fix it soon

The expected behavior is for Primarchs mid-summon to be vulnerable to attack because their entity is visible on the map (it has been this way since beta days). Primarchs need to be protected while they’re summoned. However, is there something else about this flow that seems off to everyone? Is the Backfill mechanic causing those mid-summon Primarchs to lose way more troops than expected? Insight and examples are appreciated!

I may be wrong, but it sounds like multiple attacks were initiated on a primarch. The revive process starts after the first attack wipeouts the primarch. And a late attack that initiated right before the primarch died, kills off the primarch as it’s resummoning.

I know it a really strange situation, a week or so ago, I defended against a pvp attack and dropped midway thru the attack and counterattacked their primarch. I got two battle reports on My Battles tab, one that showed that they wiped out their troops attacking me and one that showed that I wiped out their primarch again with 300~ troops. Maybe by the time I finished my attack, they had started resummoning and had troops sitting in their recruit queue. shrugs

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Perhaps try moving to the safe zone and summoning?

It doesn’t make sense to be able to attack something that isn’t there.
If it’s “being summoned,” it isn’t present to be attacked, graphics or not. Semantics…

I agree your interpretation is reasonable Shadow, but Atlas opts to make the Primarch is vulnerable from the moment you start summoning it. It’s in the world, it has a troop (or more) and can immediately defend your territory … though it cannot move or use active abilities until it finishes summoning. If a . Primarch cannot be protected while summoning, it’s unlikely that they’ll fare much better when they’ve finished summoning … in this case, I’d second Panda’s idea to summon in the safe zone might be your best option sometimes.

However, we may be discussing something different than OP intended. I suspect they had a Primarch and multiple people attacked them. Then they resummoned it before the first battles finished, and one of those earlier battles wiped out the new Primarch (likely at its home which isn’t where the battle was occurring). Ideally that shouldn’t happen, and I’m not sure if that was the case here, just guessing. (EDIT: We intend to change this in the future. There are a few other more serious issues ahead of it in our queue, but I hope to have a patch out by mid to late next week).


Atlas opts to make the Primarch vulnerable. Oh that’s gold!
Who wrote the code to allow it? Is Atlas writing its own code?

If a player can’t use a Primarch then it shouldn’t be an attackable object.

I only got into Atlas in the last group, so far I spend more time waiting the 12 hours for it to summon than I do actually doing anything. Seems like a rather pointless exercise to me.

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This was exactly the case.

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This should no longer be an issue after today’s release (it included a fix to ensure that the targeted Primarch is the one killed, not any newly summoned Primarch of the same type).

Does the exploit of moving your prime to a different island and offloading troops during an attack still exist? Because the hitting a summoning prime at least blocked that to some degree.

Just wondering else I’m sure we will see some spectacular uses of the “non intended feature”.

That is still possible, though you cannot transfer if an enemy is at the island. And you can’t move if you’re trapped. So on the plus side there are ways for a coordinated attacker to counter these attempts to get troops away from combat.

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