Summon Warrior and Summon Hellspawn

Anyone know what different between Summon Warrior and Summon Hellspawn? How much different in HP and attack damage, exactly amount if you know.

110% hellspawn vs 70% summon (first number I’m sure of, second number is a iirc number).

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Thank you, wow huge different.

I’m getting

Summon Warrior

  • HP = 55% of dragon’s HP
  • Attack = .5% of dragon’s HP

Summon Hellspawn

  • HP = 100% of dragon’s HP
  • Attack = 2.5% of dragon’s HP
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So Hellspawn hp will equal with sommoner hp ?

Yep, though I remember on the old forums there was talk about the HP boost equip not impacting spells, not sure if that was/is still the case.

Edit: Yes, more accurately, what MarduK said below.

IIRC summons are based on base HP (un-runed, un-researced).

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I wonder if the summon dragon have same resistance like the summoner

@PGEggToken @PGCrisis LittleLionMan’s question above - is that something one of you could ask about? No idea who to ping anymore for things like that; I’d poke Echo on the old forums, but he’s on Atlas now :see_no_evil:.

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Thank you forScience.

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