SunScorch - 4th event is BREEDING / ASSAULT RETURNS YAIIIIIIIIII - lets hope no bugs


It was a terrible week , lets hope the new adventures ahead are more exciting and interesting .

Assault making a return , this is awesome everyone loves that event . And dont forget opening chest bronze/ goldies from assault menu gives pvp rss so no need to open them from breeding page cause u get xp potions/food packs that are crap

What are your breeding this week ?


Going into Abyssal. I’ll be finishing Oculex and then breeding Bilge. I may or may not finish Bilge. Will have to double check my planning.


Will be getting Itzani, and hopefully :crossed_fingers: first Empyrean, Modrain :blush: What you going for, Eff :thinking:

mordred and research

Nice! :blush: Research is usually always a must :roll_eyes:

Im getting seraph and orthoptar and a bit of marlis

Research eggs looks like.

Deep into Eldritch. :grin:

Mythic abyssal, don’t know his name :sweat_smile:
But it’s a hunter

Itzani :heart: you will love it madly if you like hunters :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m getting this sexy thang:

I didn’t mind PvP messed up but if they mess up breeding its gonna be on like donkey kong. :rofl:


a new line or or just research - Mordred is good and enough mythic eldridge😝

I’m going into gold…:joy::sweat_smile:


Mordred is a blast!

Impossible to plan without seeing the deck and knowing it is right.
I’d rather not pile into something and find out it is wrong and have to go down that route again.

sc cat
We remain unimpressed until prompted by PG with something spectacular!

Glossia part two will be met with derision and shredded couches at HQ!


Finishing Lusian, then will get Oculex and a good start on Bilge.

Medusys it was. Waste of tokens, as for me. Like all others on Abyssal ))
Good thing is that your path will let you get Mordred )

Do we get Assault this time? There is an item in WD tracker.

Breeding someone from Eldritch. No idea who and am not really interested, but as long as it gives me points, I’m cool :slight_smile:

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You will regret Glossia forever. WORST dragon since, Pandi…

I don’t even have Pandi :rofl: Guess I should be happy about that.

I will be excited about Mordred, but not yet there…