SunScorch - 4th event is BREEDING / ASSAULT RETURNS YAIIIIIIIIII - lets hope no bugs

I’m getting ruby drops instead of chests :man_shrugging:

Restart game. :man_shrugging:t2:

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fixed ?

Edit ; Still same lol

Hadn’t gotten that far yet in checking everything sadly. Not like it means much, they clearly have to fix the entire lot.

Team achievements also seem to be messed up. We are showing 0/8 but much of the team have participated and SHOULD be able to claim some of those prizes. @PGGalileo

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There are Team Achievements.
There are no Team Quests.

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There are no team quests, there are team achievements. And yes, they are incorrect too. We have 27 people with points and still 0/8 achievements.

oh lol. oops.

I deleted it!

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Blame covid

Hold the beer for PG and wait…

Is it just me to does that look really suspicious?

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i am going to sleep ,assault also dissable :cactus:

it is imposible. assault dissable right now …

They are hacker’s for sure. I have that base bookmarked and it’s a lvl 100 base with a lvl 1 farm and nothing more

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@PGGalileo Team Achievements are also stalled and showing 0/8, despite progress being made.


Pretty much the same sentiment from multiple team members
“Every time I get my enthusiasm back for the game, PG mess it up and make me want to close the game again”

Well done PG :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


That base though. :joy:


My guild saying no chest drops, and no Rubies either, though was brought up by Cryptid getting Rubies in our LC…How is it Breeding Event not going smoothly @PGGalileo

Can’t wait to see this weeks apology gift :joy: Guesses anyone?

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