Sunscorch 5th event - TEMPLE RAID - I really really hope no bugs this time

Breeding & assault ran smoothly ,I hope people achieved their goals this week .

Well it is another pvp around the corner . This week we will battle against the temples , I hope there will be no bugs again , I really do . And I hope the scoring system will be coherent and work instantly for this Temple Raid so we can finally have a decent fight .

It is week 5 everyone , next week will be the release of Wave 2 , I dont know if there is going to be a preview stream , but I really hope I see the tattooed guy stream dragons again :stuck_out_tongue: @PGGalileo u can confirm this . Dont dissapoint us , do the stream will ya ?


Hey hey!

They say which portrait we can win this time?

I am not part of the CF group , so I cant know lol . @PGGalileo should have the answer to this so I can update the description

Yeah I know. Just thought you might have seen it somewhere. I saw your post before I saw Poseidon’s. I’m guessing it’s the ice guy but I dunno.

Edit nevermind. Ice guy was last time I already have him. :joy:

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dark should follow according to cloud’s path but this is just a guess

At this point if the event is glitchy again im not gonna be surprise


I wonder what bugs PG are going to implement this week?!
Should we start a betting board? :joy::joy::joy:


Ideas so far.
Feel free to copy paste and add more suggestions :eyes:

  • You can open up a temple but you cant actually fly it for points
  • Storm just random wipes islands thats not even near the storm
  • Even tho you using matching element it wont give extra points
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Mine is
• attack one island successful to end up waiting for the point to load for half a century
• charge a mega worth of energy for a normal attack


100k Sigil personal prize, pulled 30s before the event starts.

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so what your saying is stay gold for a week haha

  • Guardians start strike back
  • Everything hangs and event is replaced with Feeding
  • Attacks on every island land on the Fire Island
    • Bonus: Fire Island starts out under the storm, resulting in any gains being instantly wiped

Positive Alternative:

  • Attacks on one island move you forward on every island

Negative Alternative:

  • Being attacked on one island moves you backward on every island

all answers seems good quesses. At least we shall not end up with another event.

League prizes will be reversed so bottom of the league gets the best prizes and #1 gets the worst. Teams will compete to see who can do the least amount

Claiming prizes will deduct that many rss from what you have rather than adding to them. Anyone with negative rss at the end will receive a bill after the event


Guess I’m going to debtors prison.

I can tell you from experience, negative currencies in WD is not fun.


déjà vu …

tenor (4)

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Or maybe as simple as Team Achievement prizes not being credited again :joy:

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Are we gonna jinx the next event too?
This sounds frighteningly fun :grinning:

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well the title said it last event :stuck_out_tongue: something might go wrong again lol