SunScorch -7 th week - TEAM GAUNTLET


Another pvp that we hope is not broken . Well this hasnt been broken , I am not touching the tittle so if ya got superstitious I am not gonna jinx this one

I hope everyone is ok . Enjoy the pvp this week .

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Seriously we just did fight pits 2 pvps ago🙄

This week is gauntlet not pits


Did it change cuz everyone is posting a pits poster on line?

That was a typo I think . However the event this week is Gauntlet

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Good then I guess​:joy::joy:

Meh. Sure wish I had the auto pilot feature. This would be a good one for it. :angry:


I have the auto pilot feature so yay for me

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Nope you’re not wrong. Paladin made a tiny mistake lol

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Credit to @PoseidonPQ

He made the correct poster though


He’s mostly just very fast with fixing it :grin:

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Just auto pilot this entire event then
Not like im gonna get any chest from the monument from those small island

The question is will we see cooldown changes as previously mentioned? I really get tired of fighting with my own teammates just to be able to earn points
@PGisawbones any update on this?


@PGGalileo has the glitch where teams are stopping at 30% been fixed?
How can you give mega points if the base is not beat to at least 70%?
So I need to know do I tell my team, end runs at 30% vs the highest player OR have an honest fight?

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@PGGalilieo can we get an update on changes that were made to gauntlet to help with this issue?
I know decreased cooldown and increased hp were discussed and it was said that Pg would look into it, any good news?:crossed_fingers:


I would also like to know if players will still get points on a failed run?
How can points be awarded if you fail?

I don’t believe we have any changes in Gauntlet yet; so the event should run like normal.




Please just dont say
I reli reli reli reli reli hope this time kind words :blush: