SunScorch 8th week - BREEDING TIME

It is breeding time . Well personally I am doing research and before anyone asks pg confirmed no new tier this week but mid august .

I hope everyone is ok and safe . Take care of your loved ones , wear the mask please :dart:

So every breeding I ask you what you’re breeding this week , but this week I would like to add : who’s your breeding partner in game :rofl::rofl: ( I mean the one who helps u xp babies :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:)

Have a nice week !!


First and foremost, FINGERS CROSSED.

That’s all I have to say.


Dont you worry about glitcheS I jinxed my self With Covid-19 so wont touch breeding , I swear.


That’s kinda kinky for a breeding pic. I have so many questions.


(turns out that’s not all I have to say)

Holy buffalos.

Well on topic, I’m breeding Vanguards this week.
Hoping to break first Empy (Tuktu!!) next breeding.

My dragons are uh XP swingers.

I’m going to sit out or breed research eggs for team prize so I could make better use of the discount in next breeding.

I’ll be getting Hauheset!! Yahoo!!!


Nothing left to breed and research is way too expensive for what I have left to get so zero points for me on breed. I’m just praying that they don’t raise the cost of the new tier :see_no_evil:

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Yet another dragon I can’t hatch yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


As I told my wife, if I have to hear one more conspiracy theory on why all the doctors are trying to screw us I hope I catch it and die


Research eggies for me \o/

I got my one mythic from Eldritch tier. Don’t want to spend more egg tokens on the other dragons in that tier :joy:


I will back breed oni for perch, breeding marlis and debating whether to speed up breeding castles for bilge or not
Cause next breeding will probably have more tier discount so I don’t want to put too much effort into breeding shitty dragon

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I hope its gonna be a good discount too. Abyssal is still way too expensive.



Research eggs for me also :sleeping:
It’s rather depressing to need so many emerald eggs for the research of skills I dont even want.
This is going to be a long, boring week. I wish there was at least Assault

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This exactly. The research was put in place and priced so that the whales could continue to score during breeding when they have nothing to hatch.

The problem is that it costs what, 270K tokens for Enhanced Ice Flak Resistance before you can get to 6% Earth Flak HP which is highly desirable.

Get a new dragon or get Ice Flak Resist? Both are insanely priced and one has pretty much zero value. It doesn’t FEEL fun. Nope. Not at all. Games are supposed to be FUN! Right? Anyone? Bueller? PG? PG? PG?


Which is why my research stopped at Garnet when I ran out of eggs.

This is the joy of having an alt on the same team. Diana and I take care of each other. So if you are helping yourself breed, I think there is a term for that… :rofl:

In this eighth week, will there be a limited time branch with XP and season key?

I don’t think they continue the limited branch for consecutive weeks.

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