SunScorch -9 th event - Fight Pits

Event of the week : FIGHT PITS

Well it is getting kinda boring with this rotation , I personally think is time for a new pvp , don’t you ? I promise not to jinx it if it is good , I guess that pg has time to think of one since the atlas team should be almost done with shuffle stuff etc . so programmers can do their thingie and build us a new pvp .

Any suggestion ??


Bout time!


kinda like pgs elements on warriors

I don’t really love fight pits but at least there’s short resets.

The only good aspect of it , it helps ppl like me that dont save , dont spend but grind like hell

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:rofl::joy::rofl: As if :rofl:

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Yeah. Let them get the reshuffle off of the ground and demonstrate that it works out of the gate.

Then they can turn their baleful Sauron’s eye on PvP, again…

Ima be chilling over here.


Off topic but do you have a high resolution version of this? Would make an excellent desktop background.

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Wait till reshuffle and get on with on erupting volcano instead

I need you to jink this event so pg give us the silver chests drop of kingdom war pls

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I second this. @Eff

Why U No Jinx bugs in our favor? Humm?

Here is 1344×852, should be better :slight_smile:


Did I forget to say Dungeons is in game .

It give a decent amount of egg token and hasn’t been breaking anything so hopefully everything stay like this lol

Yes. And, do they work?



Refill time for event is wrong , should be 6 hours but is 12 hours .

Also please reopen this thread we have no way of keeping track of the week . It got automatically closed .



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This is getting fixed now, thanks!