Sunscorch Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Celebrate the season all season with these wallpapers :muscle:

Hauhezen - Desktop 1600x1024
Hauhezen - Desktop 1920x1080
Hauhezen - Desktop 2560x1600
Hauhezen - Galaxy 1440x2960
Hauhezen - iPad Pro 2048x2732
Hauhezen - iPhone X 1125x2436
Hauhezen - iPhone8 1080x1920
Hauhezen - iPhone X Max 1242x2688
Hauhezen - Pixel 1440x2560

Lockjaw - Desktop 1600x1024
Lockjaw- Desktop 1920x1080
Lockjaw- Desktop 2560x1600
Lockjaw- Galaxy 1440x2960
Lockjaw- iPad Pro 2048x2732
Lockjaw- iPhone X 1125x2436
Lockjaw- iPhone8 1080x1920
Lockjaw- iPhone X Max 1242x2688
Lockjaw- Pixel 1440x2560

Sunscorch - Desktop 1600x1024
Sunscorch - Desktop 1920x1080
Sunscorch - Desktop 2560x1600
Sunscorch - Galaxy 1440x2960
Sunscorch - iPad Pro 2048x2732
Sunscorch - iPhone X 1125x2436
Sunscorch - iPhone8 1080x1920
Sunscorch - iPhone X Max 1242x2688
Sunscorch - Pixel 1440x2560


You da man! Thanks!

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YES :heart_eyes:
You’re the best :sunglasses:


:frowning: what of portraits…

I don’t think we do Wallpapers of portraits, eh? Maybe the CF can do some?

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No i meant portraits portraits. Q.Q

Like how we have necryx.

Hmm, can you show me?

what, the necryx portraits? they’re in the game. should be easy for you to check them.

Haha, sorry @Mahdur- I don’t know what you’re asking for - the portraits are in the game, yes? Did you want the image files?

I think Mahdur is looking for something like this:

But for Lockjaw and Hauhezen.

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Aha, that does not exist for the dragons juuust yet - we will have some coming out soon. But they have the dragon lore on them.



& others:


oh noes, i meant as in i want those wallpapers as in-game portraits.

i have no use of wallpapers as mine’s usually set to my wife, parents, siblings, pets, or people i look upto.

was merely looking for new in-game dragon portraits.

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Ah yeah, those would be neat :smiley:

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That would be nice!