Sunscorch Limited Time Super Sigil Branch: Exotic Fire and Ice Glyphs - Official Discussion Thread

A little hot, a little cold, whatever you want!

  • Show me the Glyphs! (Positive)
  • Glyphs? Yawn. (Neutral)
  • Oh, glyph me a break! (Negative)

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No idea why the option for warrior/sorcerer is also Ap. Makes this option an hunter only feature meh. Same why Pg keeps thinking we need Xp potions? Rather put chissels and rune dust there serious.


About time we got exotic glyphs! THANK YOU! Hate that I’ll have to choose, such a tough choice - but ecstatic it’s finally an option!

P.S: I don’t suppose we’ll get the option to get the FF or the IF glyphs again down the line, will we?
P.P.S: Curious why we didn’t get rune dust in this branch like we usually do? Nor a key?


10k sigils and wrong timing , I really want those :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

edit : wait this is a 2 week branch I can get it

iceeeee is too damn hot these days


10K sigils! Wow. I might see if I can get the first hunter attack glyph but I doubt it. Would cost like 4500 for the first glyph alone

AND they just retooled xp earned making those potions even more useless :man_facepalming:t2:


Will get, lots of useful prizes

Warrior isn’t spelled right lol so pg is now aware for the school teachers

99% of sorcerers/warriors need added HP not Ap, the first choise makes it a hunter only option basically.


I was hoping you would release the exotic glyphs soon. So I love that.

Seriously though, why 0 rune dust in the branch? You put 2 different glyphs in there and 0 rune dust to go with them? :cry:


Is this like the usual exotic lines where you have to get the previous prize before you can get the next one or is it like the mystery line where you can purchase whichever prize you want?

If it’s like a normal exotic line then WOW that’s’ a lot of really useless junk. A small number of mystic fragments and xp potions are totally useless. Why is there no runedust to level these? Basically 8200 sigils for a glyph That’s pretty expensive to not be including anything else useful with it


Mytnic runes cost 50 in stores when come up and theses exotics so price about right and glyphs are real high in points

It’s an exotic line ofc.

Finally exotic glyphs!! But 10k sigils, no key, no rune dust and attack for warriors/sorcerers. The last point is the worst. If anyone wondered, here is a proof PG knows nothing about its own game


Think we get dust from trade post and mystery :laughing: im so glad i stacked dust from both lol holy lots of dust to be used today

While this is true it first time gave me a good ammount to be ready for changing runes on releases. It would wipe my dust again but i get more xp potions thats some bs


But instead of dust we got 2 glyphs so kinda equals the value right which glyphs are more rare to get and higher price

If they drop the xp pots then yes.

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I’ve seen your spelling too. You’re not perfect neither :).


Did not say that i was many will state it so figured i would put it up as one can read they now know about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but if the coders made that could be why bugs

U will find typos alot and many point out :hugs:figure beat peeps to the punch